Malaga in August – Information about the weather, activities and events

What is the weather like in Malaga in August? Should you wear warm clothing when going out at night? Is it raining or cloudy? Many more questions will come in your mind as your plan your vacation. I will try to answer all the thoughts you might have about weather and visiting Malaga in summer.

Sunrise in Malaga in August
Beautiful sunrise in Malaga in August 2020. We can see a plane just about to land with new visitors to the Costa del Sol. One of them could be you!

Especially hot are the Terral days in Malaga. When it happens pool or beach are both excellent options

Weather in August: Always sunny?

Temperature in August is high, without any doubt the weather is perfect to enjoy the beach or the pool. The name ‘Costa del Sol’ (Sun Coast) was not given without a reason.

The temperature in Malaga during August ranges between 23ºC at night and 35ºC during the day. This range can go lower or higher throughout the month.

Especially hot are the Terral days in Malaga.When it happens pool or beach are both excellent options, temperature can go as high as 45ºC. It could be the perfect night for swimming in the pool.

More information about weather in Malaga in August: If you are looking for live weather information or weather forecast in Malaga you can visit the following website:

Does it rain in Malaga in August?

Throughout the month of August in Malaga there could be the called summer rain. This is usually a short and light rain that will not interrupt any of your plans, people keep enjoying the beach or pool in any case.  You can have a look at another entry about what to do on a rainy day in Malaga, however this entry is more recommended for winter rain.

Is it usual that it is cloudy in August? No, it is not usual the presence of clouds and when it does is for a short period. Although…if this happen why not taking advantage of that less hot day to do some sightseeing?

Do not forget that even though if it is cloudy, the sun’s rays continue going through the cloud layer and reach our skin. While we feel less heat we are more likely to have an overexposure and a sunburn. Do not forget the shade and the sun cream even when it seems that there is no sun. You can read my other post about tips for safe sunbathing.

Is it cold or hot at night?

brisas-marinasThis question is very relative as it depends where are you coming from and what is the average temperature there. Nights in August use to be pleasant to walk in summer clothes and sleep peacefully on the bed. Some days air conditioning or opening the window may be useful, but beware of mosquitoes when opening the window all night.

If you plan to walk along the beach at night, especially by the end of the month, it is advisable to wear something light with long sleeves. Although not usual, if you are very close to the sea some nights the temperature exchange and the sea breeze can make the air colder near the coast.

My recommendation is to at least enjoy one sunrise over the sea from the beach and a sunset over Malaga from Gibralfaro, near Alcazaba Castle.

When does the sun rise or set in August?

In Malaga dawns in August around 7:20 am and the sun sets at round 9:20 pm. This schedule will be shortened towards September.

My recommendation is to at least enjoy one sunrise over the sea from the beach and a sunset over Malaga from Gibralfaro, near Alcazaba Castle.

Atardecer desde Gibralfaro en Málaga
Sunset over Malaga, port and cathedral

Events and activities in August

If you found this article looking for information about August in Malaga I think you might be also interested about things you can do this month. Let’s see about some activities during this month:

Río ChillarYou can visit any of the top natural pools in Malaga. There are natural ponds fed by rivers in different locations of the province. Some of them will allow you to hike through the riverbed, a recommended activity during the hot summer.

Going to the beach or pool is a classic in summer, anyway be careful not to get stung by a jellyfish. Baywatch and local newspapers announce a warning when they detect jellyfishes. Natural beaches that do not have public services do not have this type of warning.

Transfers from the airport

You can go shopping in Malaga to any of the malls or going to cinema, the temperature inside is always perfect.

You can go to Malaga fair in August or any of the many festivities or fairs available in the province at any of the many municipalities. (Fair is cancelled due Covid-19 until 2022)

How is it the nightlife?

The nightlife in August is very lively, with many people strolling and enjoying the pleasant temperature along the promenade. Those looking for more fun will find it without much difficulty.

You can see by yourself in the following video while walking on La Carihuela promenade (Torremolinos):

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