Malaga ice cream, want to know what is Malaga flavour?

The original Malaga flavour is made with sweet wine and raisins from the province. There is another type of ‘Malaga ice cream’ made with rum, raisins from Turkey and common sweet wines, so do not be mistaken when ordering it.

This ice cream is made with natural products and without any colorants or additives, just milk and sugar added to the mixture.

Summer is getting closer, how about some ice cream to lighten the wait?

If you have ice cream at an gelato shop in the city, you may want to order a coffee in Malaga later. You have to know how to order it so that you will get exactly what you want.


Recipe for Malaga ice cream

Malaga ice cream flavourWant to enjoy this ice cream but can’t find a place to get one? You can do it at home if you get the following ingredients:

300 ml of milk
100 gr. of brown sugar and 50 gr. of honey
400 ml of whipping cream
200 ml of Malaga sweet wine
100 grams of seedless raisins
6 egg yolks

Preparation with cooking robot

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  • Soak the raisins in the sweet wine for about 1 hour. Mix the yolks, milk and sugar at 90º with speed 4.
  • Once the temperature has dropped, mix with the raisins and wine.
  • Place the cream in a clean jug at room temperature.
  • Mix the whipped cream with the cold egg yolk cream.
  • Store the resulting mixture in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  • Remove every hour from the freezer to stir the mixture, this will prevent ice crystals from forming.
  • Remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving.

In the following video you will learn the recipe in a simpler way:

In Malaga you will find many other ice creams with original flavours… although not all of us are brave to taste them. Would you dare to try a blood sausage or mussel ice cream? What about an ice cream of Spanish cured ham or lentil stew? Would you dare to try an anchovies ice cream? Not me…

To be honest, I prefer Malaga ice cream, the other day I could taste it for the first time and it was good enough. The first sensation I had was a taste of alcohol (I don’t like alcohol), but after the first feeling it was mild and pleasant.

Summer is getting closer, how about some ice cream to lighten the wait?

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