How to order a coffee in Malaga

coffee-smileThere are things that are unique to Malaga! One outstanding example is the coffee culture in the capital of the Costa del Sol, which is found nowhere else. Coffee lovers have at their disposal not only excellent cafes and terraces, but also a unique way of ordering, so continue reading to know how to order a coffee in Malaga.

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The particularity of Malaga is that those coming to any bar to order their coffee will find up to eight different names, which are based on the amount of milk and coffee you want.

In Malaga there is no need to explain to the waiter if you want a coffee with little or a lot of milk, just use one of these expressions: Solo (Black), largo (very strong), semi largo (strong), mitad (half & half) semi corto (semi-short), corto (espresso), sombra (shade) or nube (cloud).

By now, you probably still haven´t a clue what we are talking about!

For this reason we have included a picture as illustratively explanation. The softer coffee versions with quite a lot of milk actually have names like shade or cloud, being the shade the equivalent to a milk coffee, meanwhile the cloud is basically mainly milk with a touch of coffee.

Different ways to order a coffee in Malaga

9 ways to order a coffee in Malaga
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This quaint coffee measurement system in Malaga was invented 60 years ago by Jose Prado, owner of Café Central, the oldest coffee house in Malaga. Who wants to know the oldest coffee shop in Malaga and enjoy a coffee with Churros, a local specialty, can find it in the city centre, in the Plaza de la Constitucion.

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