Live concerts in Fuengirola in June, July, August and September 2022

The city is getting ready for the celebration of the Fuengirola Festival with 4 months of concerts and shows during June, July, August and September.

Some of the popular names present in past editions are Janie Cullum, Beach Boys, Sting or the Spanish band Oreja de Van Gogh among others.

Festival de música en Fuengirola con Scorpions y Europe entre otros en 2019
Poster of one of the concerts of music festival in Fuengirola in 2020

The event that will hold these concerts is the new edition of the Fuengirola Festival and Marenostrum Music Castle Park.

The area for the concerts is located next to the Sohail Castle and there will be a great gastronomy offer with different kind of tickets on sale that must be acquired online.

For information about the artists coming this year and to purchase tickets we recommend to visit the official website at:

The festival will last from 30 April until the 16th of September.


Live concerts at Sohail Castle in Fuengirola

Amazing landscape at the Arabian fortress Sohail for the concerts, situated on a hill a few meters from the beach.

In past renowned artist like Beach Boys, Sting, Jamie Cullum and others assisted to the festival in Fuengirola. This year bands like Simply Red will participate in June.

Information of interest


Concerts in June

June is the begining of the summer, and a fantastic month to enjoy a visit to Malaga while avoiding the hot from the most popular months.

In June there are many events this year:

  • Rufus T Firefly – 3 June
  • Comic Con Fuengirola – 4 June
  • Simply Red – 5 June
  • Rauw Alejandro – 10 June
  • Pasión Vega – 11 June
  • Sohail Jazz Experience – 17 a 18 June
  • Comandante Lara & Cía – 24 June
  • Marc Anthony – 25 June

Concerts in July

Summer is here and there are many more concerts for those of you who want to enjoy a day listening to music:

  • Alejandro Sanz – 1 and 2 July
  • Melendi – 9 July
  • Rosalia – 14 July
  • MEtal Paradise – 15 and 16 July
  • Sohail Flamenco – 22 July
  • Niña Pastori – 27 July
  • Medina Azahara – 28 July
  • Texas – 29 July

Concerts in August

August is undoubtedly the most popular month of the year in Malaga. A month in which to enjoy the beach and the night that already enjoy in its totality of a pleasant temperature.

During this month there will be events throughout the province, and Fuengirola also brings us the following concerts and festivals:

  • Locos por la Música – 5 August
  • Luna Sur: Music Night By The Sea – 6 August
  • BERET + JAIME LORENTE – 13 August
  • Ultra Beach – 20 August
  • Juan Amodeo – 26 August

Concerts in September

September is a more quiet month but still the prefered date for many who visit Malaga, due the more mild climate and the less croweded places. 

There are many concerts and events in September, want to check those in Castle Sohail?

  • Aitana – 16 September

Fuengirola's concerts stage

Buy ticket online and information about the place

The place reserved for this event is divided in different zones you will have access to depending on the ticket you purchased:

  • Premium zone  Silver, Golden and Platinum zones.
  • General zone: With capacity up to 2800 people.

Sohail concert areas

Ticket prices for concerts in Fuengirola

When purchasing the tickets there are different choices. Take in consideration one ticket is valid for one day.

The prices, descriptions and areas below are orientative as they might vary from year to year; in fact some artists prices are from 10€, so better check the official website if interested in buying a concert ticket.

Transfers from the airport
  • Platinum Frontstage: 132 – 350 €
    Exclusive access to the main area next to the stage.
    Drink and food is available in VIP area.
    Exclusive access to bathroom.
    Commemorative accreditation of your assistance.
  • Gold Frontstage: 104€
    Access to the main area next to the stage and after the platinum frontstage.
    Drink and food is available in the VIP area.
  • Silver Pista: 93.50€
    Access to reserved area for the Silver ticket entrance.
    Drink and food is available in the Premium area.
  • Ticket for disabled people: 69€
  • General area: 74.75 €
  • Numbered bench seats: 55 – 82.50 €

For buying the tickets or check the schedule you can visit the official event website at:

Access to the concert younger than 18

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Those over 16 and under 18 may carry a signed authorization to enter the premises:

Getting there

If you need getting there you can use the commuter train or a taxi transfer to Fuengirola.  In case you choose the second I can recommend If you decide going by train it is the last stop and you will have to walk a little.

Other live concerts

You can check the popular Starlite Festival in Marbella where artists such as Sting and James Blunt among others have performed. This festival also takes place during the summer months.

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19 thoughts on “Live concerts in Fuengirola in June, July, August and September 2022”

  1. Is Nina Pastori performing TWO shows on July 27th?
    one at 3pm and another at 10pm?
    Viagogo are selling two shows!!

    1. Hello Michelle,
      It is too early yet to know artists coming next year, right now the only one I know is Lenny Kravitz coming on 23 July 2020.

  2. I am in the uk looking to buy jlo tickets for aug I tried buying through the page but it’s not come out my bank , and haven’t had email back regarding them can anyone tell me if I can buy from uk as it asked for security number which I prosume is if I live in Spain I really want to go any info will be appreciated thanks

    1. Hello Carol, in the map I can see a disabled access and some concerts show a disabled area next to the frontstage when booking for the tickets.

    1. Hello, you can subscribe from the right area of this blog with your email so you won’t miss any! 🙂

  3. Hi! Is there parking at the venue? We are thinking of coming to the Rock The Coast Festival but will need to drive from Jaen province. Many thanks.

    1. Im updating now with new information about concerts and dates.

      Not sure if interesting for you but I found the “BACK TO THE 90’S” event the Saturday 27/07/2019. A 7 hour macroconcert with the best music of the 90’s (Jenny from Ace of base, Dr. Alban, etc)

      Danza invisible and other artists will perform the 20/07/2019 in an aniversary event of the band for 10€.

      Thank you for reading!

      1. Yes, but Im afraid the sitting tickets are sold, I think only standing tickets are yet available on 3rd July. You can check in the official website.

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