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Malaga airport transfers

Are you searching for cheap Malaga airport transfers without compromising quality or maybe a luxury taxi with an adjusted price?

Many times we don’t need to hire a car, and a taxi to our destination is more than enough. Other times a minibus to carry a large number of people may be a budget option as the cost is shared...

Malaga airport transfers and taxis

The province of Malaga is characterised by its most important population centres being dispersed throughout and all along the Costa del Sol, and being the airport the main entrance point for the vast majority of the tourists that visit southern Spain, in some occasions a taxi can save us from a tiresome and tedious ride by bus, specially if we’re travelling with the family or with luggage.

The public taxis are located just outside Malaga airport so they’re easy to spot, plus you don’t have to book one in advance.

We have thought that it would be useful to provide information about websites providing taxi services in Malaga, so here below you’ll find approximated prices (taken from a recommended website).

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How much is a taxi in Malaga?

There are two fares for taxis in Malaga and they are audited by Malaga City Council:

Destination Distance km. Fare 1 / Fare 2 *
Fuengirola 26 km. 36.18 € / 41.90 €
Mijas 31 km. 42.08 € / 48.90 €
Torrox 69 km. 86.92 € / 102.10 €
Nerja 74 km. 92.82 € / 109.10 €
Marbella 54 km. 69.22 € / 81.10 €
Maro 76 km. 95.18 € / 111.90 €
Estepona 85 km. 105.80 € / 124.50 €
Manilva 95 km. 117.60 € / 138.50 €
Casares 110 km. 135.30 € / 159.50 €
Sotogrande 118 km. 144.74 € / 170.70 €
Algeciras 142 km. 173.06 € / 204.30 €

Best airport transfers website

What we consider a good transfer or taxi website? Those where you know what you will pay, no hidden surprises. Some of them allow payment on arrival while others you can pay online and have peace of mind about your transport in Malaga.

Just by selecting one of the banners below you will be redirected to their secure booking online website. Easy steps for easy transfer!

Recommended websites for transfers from the airport

We have selected a website with high reputation and satisfaction grade for Malaga airport transfers, and of curse we are open to receive your comments.

Malaga transfer

Transfer service that offers a wide variety of vehicles for all pockets and preferences. Among its fleet, we highlight the offer in economic buses and taxis or luxury vehicles.

Currently is the top one recommended because of the reviews and the confidence of the service.


  • You'll get to your hotel fast and without queues.
  • They check the arrival time of your flight, without waiting even if you arrive late.
  • The form of payment is on arrival, so you do not have to make a payment in advance.
  • 24-hour service and no waiting time.
  • Prices are updated regularly on the website.
  • Very positive reviews from their customers.
  • Website in English, German, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

Some ideas for using tranfers:

  • Taxis for business meetings.
  • Wedding Limousines.
  • Private driver services.
  • Stag and Hen Limousines.
  • Transfers for you and your golf equipment.
  • Taxis for your night out, so you can have a drink or two.
  • Private transfers for excursions.
Malaga airport transfers
Destination example 4 seats 7 seats 13 seats 19 seats
Frigiliana 68.85 € 96.39 € 132.30 € 151.20 €
Cabopino 55.08 €. 76.19 € 114.35 € 126.63 €
Benahavis 79.87 € 109.24 € 146.48 € 165.38 €
Mijas Golf 44.06 € 62.42 € 93.56 € 109.62 €
Marbella 62.42 € 87.21 € 113.40 € 137.03 €
Motril 110.16 € 151.47 € 206.01 € 236.25 €
Nerja 64.26 € 91.80 € 127.58 € 146. 48€
Puerto Duquesa 100.98 € 137.70 € 184.28 € 207.90 €
Torrox 61.51 € 87.21 € 113.40 € 136.08 €

*Please notice that prices are orientative and they can change depending on the season and availability of vehicles.


  • High customer satisfaction.
  • They offer bilingual service in case Spanish is not your native language.
  • *It is possible to add a seat for children under 12 years old or up to 3 years old under request.
  • *Prices updated on July 2019.
  • There is availability of buses with 26 and 54 seats and their corresponding luggage space.
Recommended for Malaga airport transfers

Great option for a transfer from the airport or any other place.
4.9 stars out of 5 in
9.1/10 in Trustpilot

Options to consider when booking online

Transfers from Malaga airport

Buses: They are especially useful if we travel with a group of people, with a lot of luggage. In addition we can rent them so that the driver takes us to some destination, like for example an excursion of a day to the Alhambra or going to Algeciras. The capacity is up to 54 people per bus and the price can be really cheap, there are also buses up to 26 passengers more economical.

Minibuses: Just like buses, minibuses can be used for both transfers and excursions. The capacity of the minibuses can be up to 19 people in the larger version, or up to 13 passengers in the smaller version. If prices are shared in the end you will pay very little.

Taxi transfers: Vehicles of up to 7 passengers ideal to transport us from the airport to our hotel or destination at a good price. There are options for all tastes, from economic transfers to top of the range cars, a taxi adapted to your budget.

Among the vehicles and services available for private transport are the following:

Most demanded destinations

Below are some of the most demanded destinations and their prices going from Malaga airport. Cheaper than other websites (Other websites divide the price between the passengers, so the result is a fake price)

* Reference prices from valid at the time of insertion (July. 2019).

Hire a child booster or baby seats

Private transfer companies offer on their website the option of hiring an authorized child car seat, which is mandatory under Spanish law. This provides extra safety for children during journeys.

To book it you will only have to select it during the process, generally they have an extra cost of 5€ per trip.

There are seats for children under 3 years old and up to 12 years old.

Other websites for Malaga airport transfers

Below are some other websites for buses and transfers from Malaga airport; buses are popular among groups who want to assist an event or make a tour.

Malaga airport taxis

Friendly, reliable, multilingual company that you can trust at very competitive prices!.

Malaga Airport transfer services

  • Pay on arrival your taxi transfer.
  • You don´t have to spend time in Taxi Queues.
  • Drivers are fully legal, licensed and insured.
  • Pre-arrival quotes so you know exactly how much you will pay!
  • Multilingual drivers (including English speakers)
  • 24 hr service from and to any location - every day of the year!
  • All the vehicles are prestige air conditioned models for ultimate comfort.
  • Child booster and baby seats available
Destination example 4 seats 7 seats 13 seats 19 seats
Antequera 63 € 89.10 € 121.50 € 144 €
Fuengirola 35.10 € 53.10 € 80.10 € 89.10 €
Sierra Nevada 144 € 243 € 270 € 292.50 €
Marbella 61.20 € 85.50 € 108 € 130.50 €

*Prices above are orientative.

Visit the website:

Reputable shuttle company, high experienced multilingual drivers with all the insurance required for a safe journey.

Airport transfer Services

  • Flight number tracking so you would never have to wait, or worry when it´s delayed.
  • Experienced drivers and all required insurance for a safe transfer from the Malaga airport to any other place.
  • Pay on arrival service for pickup at the airport.
Destination example Standard 4 seats Minibus 12 seats
Puerto Duquesa 110 € 195 €
Calahonda 56 € 110 €
Alora 65 € 117 €
Torremolinos 28 € 68 €
Torrequebrada 39 € 89 €

*Prices above are orientative.

Visit the website:


Bus transfer

Minivans and buses for Malaga airport transfers and tours in Andalucia. This service is popular among groups visiting Malaga for concerts and events from other provinces.

Airport transfer services

  • Get from Malaga airport to any other place using their bus transfer services.

Bus hire services

  • Attractive bus & minibus prices from Malaga airport.
  • Excursions by bus: Possibility to design your own excursions. Ask for a budget and create your personalized excursion.
  • Weekend bus trips: If you don´t want take the car over the weekend and have a great time with your friends do not worry about driving and rent one of our minibuses with drivers, we take you wherever you want.
  • Stag and hen parties: Picking up of fiancée and friends, transfers to a restaurant, club or pub and return to the starting point at the agreed time.
  • Weddings bus: Pick up of the guests in the church, transfer to the restaurant and return at the agreed time. Special offers if you hire stag and hen nights and wedding..
  • Sports clubs bus: Transport for Sports Clubs. Minibuses or buses with large capacity available for your convenience.
Destination example 13 seats 19 seats Bus 26 seats Bus 54 seats
Algeciras 245 € 285 € Request Request
Marbella 120 € 145 € Request Request
Mijas Pueblo 99 € 116 € Request Request
Nerja 135 € 155 € Request Request

*Prices above are orientative.

Comfortable and reliable service sing minibus services with

Malaga airport transfers

Offering transfer service for all Andalucia with fully licensed and english speaking drivers,full insurance included for a safe journey.


  • One of the best prices for transfers at the Malaga airport.
  • English and spanish speaking drivers fully licensed.
  • Wedding and private transfers in Malaga.
  • Going Out, Golfing, Stag Do, Parties, etc.
  • Secure online payment, pay and have peace of mind about transport.
Destination example 4 seats 7 seats 13 seats 19 seats
Gibraltar (border) 121 € 195 € 249 € 270 €
La Herradura 96 € 134 € 173 € 208 €
Las Alpujarras 205 € 290 € 374 € 411 €
Torrox 67 € 95 € 120 € 144 €

*Prices in the example above are orientative.

Drivers are multilingual and friendly, fully licensed and waiting for you as you come off your flight even when it is delayed. Staff will accommodate you with pre-booked quotes and conditions.

Recommended for Malaga airport transfers


  • Variety of services, including weddings, stag and hen do`s, chauffer, day ask for it.
  • Prebooked quotes and conditions.
  • Excelent support.
  • Online payment from website.
  • Pay 50% in advance and the rest on arrival. It is the first website offering this option.
Destination example 4 seats 7 seats 13 seats 19 seats
Monda 67.5 € 94.5 € 121.5 € 144 €
Mijas Pueblo 43.2 € 61.2 € 89.1 € 104.4 €
Tarifa 157.5 € 220.5 € 261 € 292.5 €
Ronda 117 € 162 € 211.5 € 241.2 €

*Prices in the example above are orietative.

Considerations when booking Malaga airport transfers

What we expect when booking a transfer online is no delay neither queues and of curse a friendly driver who talk our own language, everything must be perfect for our holidays. Who want to spend their time just after arriving to the airport waiting a delayed transfer or trying to explain to an unexperienced driver something when he is not understanding correctly our language?.

In a wedding, going out, or any other circunstance we would need a transfer, we expect the service to be what it should be.

Malaga airport transfers: pay on arrival

Some of the websites above let you pay on arrival while others will ask you for online payment. It depends on you, if you want to pay and have peace of mind or prefer to pay on arrival to the driver.

You can read more about the different sort of airport buses and transfers on Wikipedia:

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