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Guided Tours and excursions from Malaga

The visit of monuments and landmarks of Andalucia is something highly recommended; the clash of cultures in Andalusia throughout history has left monuments of great beauty which we recommend visiting.

If you have not opted to rent a car in Malaga you don´t have to worry; there are other affordable options to help us discover more about Andalusia and its surroundings and even interesting offers outside Spain, visiting Morocco and Portugal.

Cheap trips from Malaga

Below we detail the different recommended excursions from Malaga. None of them reaches 70 Euros, being the cheapest one 18 Euros per person and thus quite affordable for everybody.

Please remember that we do not organize any trip, we just inform and review about available guided tours from other websites.

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What options do I have to travel from Malaga?

The more comfortable alternatives we recommend from Malagaweb are car hire in Malaga and organized tours.

Can I book a tour from other province?

Of course, we have choosed just some of the recommended tours from, as it is the website we used as reference for this guide. We have asked about this possibility with the website, and you can contact them for any custom tour from your current location.

Round trips from Malaga

A very convenient option and which helps us to discover the most important places of Malaga and Andalusia are organized trips from Malaga.

Where I'm picked up?

Buses for tours pick you up along the Costa del Sol from Malaga to Estepona or by communicating the nearest place.

If you're staying in a hotel you can communicate to be picked up at the entrance.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend to bring your valid passport or ID card.

Furthermore we recommend using comfortable shoes and clothing considering the season and weather.

Schedule of departures and arrivals

The schedule depends on the place of collection and the tour.

Do I need to buy tickets to the monuments separately?

Tickets to the monuments you are going to visit are included in the price.

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