World Snow Day or a weekend with children in Sierra Nevada

world snow dayWorld Snow Day is coming the next weekend and Sierra Nevada participate by offering dedicated activities and ski lessons for children.

Most of the ski stations around the globe participate on this international event. Officially it’s just one day, Sunday, but they use to extend it for the whole weekend and some ski stations even offer it one weekend every month.

The aim of this worldwide event is to introduce children into the practice of this winter activity. Who has visited the snow being a child and have no good memories of it?

When is the World Snow Day?

The next 20th in January the World Snow Day is celebrated but you will be able to find deals for the whole weekend.

There are also activities planned for both days.

Transfers from the airport

Coming to Sierra Nevada

This year Sierra Nevada offers different holiday packages, one of those packages includes ski learning classes, ski-pass and all the needed material for skiing; there is another offer which also includes accommodation, all of this at a cheaper price than any other day.

Saturday and Sunday are full of events and activities for the children, some of those activities among many others sound promising: night skiing, cinema or the Gymkhana; children might enjoy them as much as their parents.

More information

You can visit the official website for information about World Snow Day events:

Plaza Pradollano 4
18196 Monachil

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