All about Malaga and Costa del Sol in April and May

Given the current weather temperatures in most European countries, which are around 10 degrees Celsius, it is understandable that many are already looking at catalogues and travel deals to get a short getaway to the sun, pleasant temperatures and blue skies. Is a good choice visiting Malaga in April or May? Are there many activities? Let’s see.

Malaga next to the sea

There are also many questions about the destination of choice regarding the climate that we can find there at a certain time of year.


How is the weather in April and May?

Many of us know that the coast of Malaga in southern Spain, to which belongs the Costa del Sol, enjoys a mild climate throughout the year; in fact, winter does not exist and autumn changes smoothly into spring. But, being a destination that has reached some popularity as a summer and beach destination, many might wonder if in these dates the water is suitable for bathing and if the weather is hot enough to enjoy a beach holiday…

First of all, you should know that Malaga and the Costa del Sol is much more than beach! The fact that it is known primarily as a beach destination is because during the summer months, especially July and August, most of the tourists prefer to relax on the beach; which is also largely due to the high temperatures that limit a little the desire to discover the surrounding villages and beautiful landscapes or the capital Malaga, with a great deal of culture.

As those months are ideal for visiting the white villages and other tourist attractions, I recommend to book in advance a rental car, there are good offers now.

Botanical garden in Malaga
La Concepcion botanical garden in Malaga

Clothes to bring with you

The weather is nice enough to bring comfortable clothes, sandals, swimsuit and comfortable shoes for walking.

If you plan to walk at sunset along the promenade or by the sea, you should also bring some long sleeves, a sweatshirt might work.

At the end you decide what to bring when packing, but sometimes it’s helpful to have an idea of what you might need:

  • A pair of swimsuits, just to exchange when one is wet.
  • Shorts or light pants for the day.
  • A shoulder strap or bag to always carry everything you need close to you.
  • Sandals for walking on the sand or during daytime.
  • Comfortable shoes for hiking or strolling the city
  • Long sleeves or sweatshirt for the night.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, the sun is very bright.
  • A cap might be useful.

Visiting Malaga in April

This month is ideal to enjoy routes in the countryside, discover the white villages and enjoy a stroll in the city, the terraces on the promenades and the first sunbathing on the beach.

Temperature in April

Average temperatures in April in the Costa del Sol move around 12 to 20 degrees Celsius (54 and 68º F) in the first half of the month, approaching to the end of the month increasingly 20 degrees; is not unusual that there may be magnificent days where the thermometers go up to 25 degrees (77º F) or more.

At the beginning of the month the temperature can drop below 10ºC in a timely manner and during the early morning hours.

Temperature in Malaga in April

Is it raining in April in Malaga?

Rainfall is rare in April but can occur. Looking back over the past few years we find that of the 30 days of the month at least 2 to 4 days it has rained.

But is it cold on a rainy day in April? No, far from it…you can still enjoy the day even if it rains, if you don’t know what to do you can take a look at things to do in Malaga on a rainy day.

Sea water temperature in Malaga

The water in the Alboran Sea, as is known the Mediterranean Sea in the area of Malaga, is still cold in April and May; however, you can see many bathers enjoying their first bath. If you were wondering if the sea water is cold for a swim in April, the answer is that it is a little cool for locals, but the bath is nice.

The sea water temperature at the beginning of April is about 14ºC (57ºF). Perhaps a bit cold for the Spaniards themselves but not so cold for European visitors. As the month progresses, the temperature rises +2°C (+3.6ºFahrenheit)

Visiting Malaga in May

May is one of the best months to enjoy Malaga and the Costa del Sol, without excessive heat and without the usual tourist crowds so typical for the summer months.

Popular activities in May in Malaga

Many of the scheduled events may not take place this year as a preventive measure against the Coronavirus in Malaga. You will however be able to find numerous activities that you can do in Malaga.

Wondering about activities in May?

  • Noche en Blanco (White Night) is a popular event in Malaga.
  • May Crosses celebration is very popular in Benalmadena village.
  • San Isidro the 15th May is a traditional celebration in Estepona, with processions and is very popular among tourists.
  • White Party in Nikki Beach, Marbella. A very elegant celebration where everyone has to be dressed in white.

Temperature in May in Malaga

In May there are usually splendid temperatures on the Costa del Sol inviting you to enjoy pleasant days on the beach as well as many activities and visits, with temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees (68 to 77ºF) that can sometimes rise to 28 degrees (82.4ºF).

In the following graph we can see that in other years the maximum temperature has reached 31ºC (87.8ºF) during the second half of the month, the average temperature being around 25ºC (77ºF). It is in the middle of the month when the minimum temperature can reach a comfortable 20ºC (68ºF).

At the beginning of the month the maximum temperature is over 21ºC (69.8ºF) with a minimum of 13ºC (55.4ºF).

Transfers from the airport

Temperature in May in Malaga

Is it raining in May in Malaga?

It rarely rains in May in Malaga, but with the weather you can never be sure. If we look back over the past few years, we realize that if it can rain 2 to 4 days in April, 1 or 2 of the 31 days of the month can occur in May.

The rain in May when it happens is usually light, some rainfall that will not prevent you from enjoying the day.

Sea temperature in Malaga: Can we swim in May?

Did you make sure you put your bathing suit in your suitcase? The sea temperature at the beginning of May is about 16ºC (61ºF), perhaps a little cold for locals but it is appreciated after a while under the sun. The sea temperature rises by 1°C (1.8ºF) almost every week, ending the month at up to 19°C (66°F).

Still wondering which is the best month to visit Malaga?

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