Pure air and sea: Health benefits in Malaga next to the coast

Not many tourists use to ask themselves  about the air and sea quality in their holiday destination. What about if we talk about air quality in Malaga, the sea and the health benefits they bring to us?

Sea breeze health benefits

Sea breeze brings many benefits for health, strolling along the seashore has a great therapeutic effect.

Air quality in Malaga

The company Urban Clouds has made public a study from many areas of the city with a positive result. The air quality is good or normal in 95% of the city. Only a 5% left shows a low quality air, usually in industrial areas or the airport.

Pollution in pedestrian areas in city centre is zero. It is absolutely secure to stroll the streets while visiting monuments or the Calle Larios.

Since old times the Romans said the seawater cure all the diseases, and they were not that far from the fact.

Sea breeze and sea: benefits for your health

Since old times the Romans said the sea water cure all diseases and they were not that far from the fact.

Being near the coast is beneficial for those who are very sensitive to changes in temperature due to health problems. The large body of water acts as an excellent climate regulator.

The minerals found into the sea provide are beneficial for our organism. Let’s see some of them:

Benefits of swimming into the sea

Sodium is the most abundant element in the ocean water, it gives the salty flavour to the water, but it also has another 75 elements needed for the human metabolism.

Benefits of diving in the sea

If you bath in the sea you can try to submerge up to 1.30 meters deep. This is the perfect balance between internal and external pressure exerted by water, which has positive effects:

  • Improves respiratory capacity and increases red blood cells.
  • It favours the elimination of liquids by the pressure on our lymphatic system.
  • A refreshing bath activates the blood circulation.
  • It favors the work of the heart that has to work less.
  • The trace elements that can be breathed in the sea breeze are also found in the water and are absorbed in small amounts by our skin. The regeneration of tissues and even fractured bones are up to 3 times faster, thanks to calcium, silicon and sulphur which also helps other functions of our body.
  • The iodine present in sea water has direct influence on the thyroid gland as well as acting as a disinfectant of our skin.

Benefits of Sea Breeze or Salt Air

The Mediterranean has an ideal climate to enjoy the benefits of Sea Breeze during most of the year.

sea breeeze

Take in consideration that benefits of Sea Breeze are obtained being near the coast, if possible closer than 100 meters to the beach. A simple stroll along the seashore will benefit you by breathing a purer atmosphere.

Transfers from the airport
  • Pregnant women may feel less nauseous near the sea.
  • The sea gives off a lot of micro particles loaded with trace elements that we absorb when breathing and benefit the regeneration of our lung alveoli.
  • The sea acts as a producer of natural ozone that purifies the air. The number of germs present in air is lower than in inland populations.
  • Those with allergies can breathe normally, the sea breeze does not have any pollen or mites.
  • Sea air boosts immune system
  • The low atmospheric pressure on the coast makes the amount of oxygen much greater. It slows the breathing rate and helps recovery in people who have been convalescent.
  • Water and sea breeze are good for relieving or treating skin problems like psoriasis, acne or dermatitis. The water composition has antibiotic properties.
  • Strolling along the seashore and bathing in the ocean has therapeutic effects thanks to its high content of magnesium and negative ions. It favours the creation of serotonin which is linked with the feeling of well-being, so it helps you calm anxiety, depression and stress.

Sunlight helps your body to assimilate vitamin D and will make you feel relaxed, but too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin.

When is it better to walk along the seashore?

Do not forget that sunbathing, especially at certain times, can become harmful to our skin. It is quite common to see foreigners walking with burned skin, do not let that happen to you.

Sunlight helps your body to assimilate vitamin D and will make you feel relaxed, but too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin.

Strolling the sea shore

The ideal and most relaxing activity is a walk along the seashore at sunset, you can finish the stroll with a dip in the water. Sunset is when there are fewer people on the beach and there is still some sunlight to enjoy.


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