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Alcazaba Fortress in Malaga

The Alcazaba is a symbol of Malaga, an Arab fortress from where you will be able to take the most representative photo of the city with the bullring, the park and Malaga port. Continue reading to know more.

This Arab monument is a military architecture built on the ruins of a Roman fortress which was also built on Phoenician remains. It is on an excellent location next to Gibralfaro Mountain in an elevated position, something that contributed to a greater defensive power with the walls protecting the inside.

The construction of this fortification is from the middle of the 11th century. For the construction they used some materials from the annex Roman Theatre (also a recommended visit)

Discovering the Alcazaba

Alcazaba gardens

The monument has been in good condition until ending of the 17th century.

In addition to being a military construction there were gardens and civilian homes, it was like a small walled city within the city of Malaga itself.

Modifications and reforms were made to the Alcazaba after the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs. Many personalities from both the Mozarabe and Christian times stayed there.

The Alcazaba has different areas:

Entrance to the upper area

This is the main entrance to the Alcazaba. This entrance has been remodelled over the years and it will take you to two different areas of the fortress:

Alcazaba entrance

Plaza de Armas

From this place you have access to the Castle of Gibralfaro, the Spanish name received is because it was the place where the artillery was installed after the conquest of the city.

Puerta de Arcos

In this area you will find the dungeon, where Arabs supposedly enclosed Christian captives that worked as servants during the day.

In the area some elements are later works of the 19th century such the marble-sculpted boar, the Roman bath and the small terraces.

After crossing Puerta de Arcos you can get access to the following level:

Upper area: Alcazaba Palaces

Alcazaba PalaceIn this area there are remains of the Taifal and Nasrid Palaces, neighbourhood of the eleventh century, baths, aljibe (Arabian cistern) and a restoration workshop.

For accessing you must head to the called 'Torre de los Cuartos de Granada'.

Cuartos de Granada

This is the area where kings and governors resided, in the rooms you will find exhibitions of Muslim pottery found during the different excavations in the area.

Housing District

Ruins of Arab houses of the 11th Century.

Torre del Homenaje

It is a more recent construction (14th Century) and there is a house in the superior area, although no access stairs have been found.

Visiting the Alcazaba

If you want to visit the Alcazaba the following information will be useful:


Occasionally they organize special events such the popular night guided visit to the Alcazaba during the White Night. Stay tuned to our blog for incoming events and activities.

Opening time

From April 1 to October 31 the opening hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm

From November 1 to March 31 the hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Admission to the Alcazaba on Sundays is free from 2:00pm

When does the Alcazaba close? On the 24th, 25th, 31st of December and 1st of January


Single ticket costs 2.20€

If you want to visit both the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro Castle: 3.55€

Residents of the city, children under 16, students, retired or large families: 0.60€

The free visit is every Sunday from 2:00pm until closing.

How to get to the Alcazaba?

This monument of Malaga is at Calle Alcazabilla,2.

If you go by car you can park in the public parking next to the Plaza de la Merced, within walking distance of both the Cathedral of Malaga and the Alcazaba. On the following map you can see the distance by foot from the parking lot to the entrance of this Arabian fortress.

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