Visiting Malaga in September – All you need to know

packing up for holiday to Malaga in SeptemberWe are already at the end of August, while many of you are returning to the routine of work or planning to, others are packing up to begin their vacation in Malaga in September.

Many tourists prefer September over August to spend their vacations. Towards the end of August there is already a drop in the number of towels on the beach, a clear indicator of the ending of the high season.

Those who have been able to experience the transition from August to September are witness of how summer seems diluted between taxis and suitcases on their way to the airport. Don’t be wrong, it is just an illusion and there is still good weather and temperature for everyone. The distance between towels on the beach expands past the border of August 31 day, there may be a mathematical formula to calculate that space between tourists on the sand but it has not yet been discovered. The temperatures do not seem to leave Malaga with the tourists who leave the Costa del Sol which is a good notice for those who arrive.

Without any doubt there is still good weather and pleasant temperature for enjoying beach and pool still in September.

Is it hot and is there good weather in September?

Without any doubt there is still good weather and pleasant temperature for enjoying beach and pool in September. The only thing that ‘seems’ to get lost during this month are the strong Terral days. I say it seems, because it is less likely that the thermometer exceeds 35ºC but not impossible, it may occur some other day throughout the month.

Strolling the sea shore

The weather accompanies to continue enjoying the beach and sunbathing. The water is at a pleasant temperature although we lose those days of warm water that happen sometimes in August. If it’s hot and you want to cool down, then the cold water is welcome, so it is not a big deal.

Do you want to know more about the weather in September? Visit this website:

Does it rain in Malaga in September?

September is not a rainy month. Like any other month it can rain but it is not usual, when it happens it is usually a light rain that surely ends the same day. Maybe by the end of the month when Autumn is more advanced the raining chances are higher, but It still not a rainy season.

Feel free to check another blog post where I propose ideas to do in Malaga on a rainy day, although it is more focused to the winter still valid.

What clothes to bring if you visit Malaga in September?

If you come early in the month you can still wear the same clothes you would in summer. Shorts and short-sleeved shirts are a good option; beside I would recommend bringing some long sleeves in case of a cold evening, something that if you are next to the shore can happen equally in August.

If you come in late September I recommend to bring long pants and some jacket just in case you need. Do not forget also your swimsuit and summer clothes, you’ll still need them.


Are there fairs or festivals in September in Malaga?

Of course there are activities, festivals and fairs in September. In Malaga I think there is not even a single month where there is not any relevant event or festival. Although Malaga Fair is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city in August, my favourite is in September.

Due to the presence of the Covid-19 in Malaga, some common events in September may not be available this year.

Luna Mora de Guaro festival

For those interested one of my all-time favourite events is the festival of Luna Mora de Guaro. Among the reasons to recommend it is that when I went I enjoyed a lot the food stalls. The candles lighting the streets are charming. It was a night with many special corners where taking nice photos for memories.

There is a blog post dedicated to the festivals and fairs of Malaga in September, it is worth a check if you are interested in visiting Malaga this month.

The million dollar question, is September a good month to visit Malaga and enjoy your vacation?

Is September a good month to visit Malaga?

The million dollar question, is September a good month to visit Malaga and enjoy your vacation? Undoubtedly, I explain below the reasons that lead me to affirm it.

Malaga next to the sea

I lived in a tourist development where 90% of people were not Spaniards but tourists. I know main dates they usually visited Malaga for holidays. Although they do it all year round, there are some more auspicious dates depending on what type of tourist you are.

Transfers from the airport

August is the month for everyone as well as July. Youth abound and seek to have fun. The beach and pools become the central meeting points during the day while at night the promenade becomes a long fashion catwalk of different nationalities.

Malaga in September still a popular destination, but without many of the young tourists, already getting ready for getting back to school. Let’s say it’s a similar month to August but a little quieter. The further we move from high season, the lower the prices, which is a great incentive for many.

Those looking mostly to enjoy the beach, sunbathing and good weather prefer September over later months.

Those who value saving and culture above everything else would prefer to wait for later months. October, November or December are among the cheapest months to visit Malaga. Those looking mostly to enjoy the beach, sunbathing and good weather prefer September over the later months.

During this month I can especially recommend this blog post about natural pools and rivers in Malaga.

If you are traveling with children Iit is more likely that they will make friends in the pool or beach during August. Although it is not a relevant factor it is true that there are more young people during that month.

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  1. September is one of my favourite times to visit malaga. July and August are way too hot and you really need to get there before the November rain!

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