Travel & holidays after Covid-19 in Malaga, schedules & activities

Many of us wonder how and when will be the holidays after the Covid-19 in Malaga. We will learn about the old Phases in Malaga, the measures after the confinement and provide with ideas for activities and tourism.

Night-time mobility restrictions are lifted as of 1 October.

Curfew disappears and travel outside Andalusia is allowed.

Holidays post-Covid-19
The gulls were the only ones that were able to enjoy the beach at full until Phase 3.

Andalusia is one of the areas less affected by the Coronavirus in Spain.

October updates

Andalusia continues to lower its incidence level to below 32 points as well as hospitalisations.

Night-time mobility restrictions are lifted as of 1 October.


Update on August

The Covid passport, test or PCR negative will be required to enter nightclubs in Andalusia, although it will still be possible to enjoy these establishments outside without having to show it.

All other businesses are exempt from this new requirement.

Restrictions and mobility in June 2021

The state of alarm is over and the perimetral closure will only be applied in municipalities with more than 1000 contagions per 100,000 inhabitants.

There are 3 phases, the first of which came into effect on 9 May and continues through the month of June:

  • It is now possible to travel between autonomous regions.
  • Bars and restaurants can open until midnight.
  • Shops resume their usual opening hours.
  • Clubs and pubs can open until 2am, although dance floors cannot be opened.
  • Celebrations and events with a maximum of 300 people indoors, or 500 outdoors.
  • Cinemas, theatres or other cultural events may be held with one free seat between attendees.
  • Perimeter closure of municipalities with a rate of more than 1000 per 100,000 inhabitants, but where the number of inhabitants is more than 5000. In other cases it will be studied individually.
  • There are no restrictions on beaches or swimming pools, only the distance between groups must be maintained outside of the water.

We are currently on a positive trend, which leads us to expect that more and more municipalities will open their perimetral closures in the coming days and weeks.

Infection rate in municipalities and mobility

A mobility restriction has been proposed for night-time mobility between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. in those municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants that have a 14-day accumulated incidence of more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This proposal is validated by the Territorial High Public Health Impact Committees every Wednesday. In the case of municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, a specific evaluation will be made.

As of 14 October, this is the contagion rate of the municipalities in Malaga:

*Cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants and cases reported in the last 14 days.

  • Alameda 0.
  • Alcaucín: 0.
  • Alfarnate: 0.
  • Alfarnatejo: 0.
  • Algarrobo: incidencia de 30,5 with 2 cases reportado en los últimos 14 días.
  • Algatocín: 0.
  • Alhaurín de la Torre: 41,3 with 17 cases.
  • Alhaurín el Grande:  86,8 with 22 cases.
  • Almáchar: 110,1 with 2 cases.
  • Almargen: 0.
  • Almogía: 26,4 with 1 cases.
  • Álora: 0.
  • Alozaina: 48,5 with 1 case.
  • Alpandeire: 0.
  • Antequera: 0.
  • Árchez: 0.
  • Archidona: 49 with 4 cases.
  • Ardales: 39,9 with 1 case.
  • Arenas:: 0.
  • Arriate: 0.
  • Atajate: 0.
  • Benadalid: 0.
  • Benahavís: 25,8 with 2 cases.
  • Benalauria: 0.
  • Benalmádena: 57,9 with 40 cases.
  • Benamargosa: 0.
  • Benamocarra: 32,8 with 1 case.
  • Benaoján: 0.
  • Benarrabá: 0.
  • Campillos: 11,9 with 1 case.
  • Canillas de Aceituno: 0.
  • Canillas de Albaida:  0.
  • Cañete la Real:  263,5 with 2 cases.
  • Carratraca: 0.
  • Cartajima: 0.
  • Cártama: 33,7 with 9 cases.
  • Casabermeja: 0.
  • Casarabonela: 278,4 with 7 cases.
  • Casares: 101,7 with 7 cases.
  • Coín: 39,7 with 9 cases.
  • Colmenar: 88 with 3 cases.
  • Comares: 0.
  • Cómpeta: 0.
  • Cortes de la Frontera: 0.
  • Cuevas Bajas: 146 with 2 cases.
  • Cuevas de San Marcos: 0.
  • Cuevas del Becerro: 0.
  • Cútar: 0.
  • El Borge: 0.
  • El Burgo: 0.
  • Estepona: 49,8 with 35 cases.
  • Faraján: 0.
  • Frigiliana: 0.
  • Fuengirola: 37,4 with 31 cases.
  • Fuente de Piedra: 0.
  • Gaucín: 0.
  • Genalguacil: 0.
  • Guaro: 0.
  • Humilladero: 60,7 with 2 cases.
  • Igualeja: 0.
  • Istán: 0.
  • Iznate: 0.
  • Jimera de Líbar: 0.
  • Jubrique: 0.
  • Júzcar: 0.
  • Macharaviaya: 0.
  • Málaga: 36,3 with 210 cases.
  • Manilva: 79,1 with 13 cases.
  • Marbella: 59,6 with 88 cases.
  • Mijas: 32,8 with 28 cases.
  • Moclinejo: 0.
  • Mollina: 19 with 1 case.
  • Monda: 37,1 with 1 case.
  • Montecorto: 0.
  • Montejaque: 0.
  • Nerja: 61,5 with 13 cases.
  • Ojén: 0.
  • Parauta:: 0.
  • Periana: 0.
  • Pizarra: 21.2 with 2 cases.
  • Pujerra: 0.
  • Rincón de la Victoria: 8,2 with 4 cases.
  • Riogordo: 0.
  • Ronda: 20,8 with 7 cases.
  • Salares: 0.
  • Sayalonga: 63,8 with 1 case.
  • Sedella: 0.
  • Serrato: 0.
  • Sierra de Yeguas: 0.
  • Teba: 0.
  • Tolox: 0.
  • Torremolinos: 75,2 with 52 cases
  • Torrox: 39 with 7 cases.
  • Totalán: 0.
  • Valle de Abdalajís: 40.
  • Vélez-Málaga: 24,3 with 20 cases.
  • Villanueva de Algaidas: 0.
  • Villanueva de la Concepción: 0.
  • Villanueva de la Tapia: 0.
  • Villanueva del Rosario: 0.
  • Villanueva del Trabuco: 18,8 with 1 case.
  • Viñuela: 0.
  • Yunquera: 0.

Restrictions in Andalusia and Malaga in January

January brings us new restrictions from Sunday 17th, better to know them in order to adapt to the requirements:

  • The perimeter closure is maintained in Andalusia, by which you cannot leave or enter without justified cause.
  • All provinces are now perimeter closed, so you will not be able to leave or enter them without a justified cause.
  • Perimeter closure of municipalities where there have been more than 500 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.
  • Reduced opening hours for shops and catering until 6pm.
  • Closure of catering and leisure activities in municipalities with a rate of infection of more than 1,000 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.
  • Maximum of 4 people in meetings and groups.
  • The intention is to bring the lockdown forward to 8pm, but this is not yet authorised. If it is not approved it will continue as at present, between 10 pm and 6 am.

All this has been officially published here in Spanish:

History of the Covid-19 in Malaga

The phases have already happened, but as a historical record I will leave them in this article. It is also possible that a territory, in the event of a resurgence, returns to an earlier phase.

Phase 0

One week before the start of Phase 0 in Malaga, children under 14 were already allowed to go out on the streets with an adult. From the first Saturday before Phase 0, you can also go out for sports following a schedule.

It is possible to go to hairdressers and small shops by appointment. It is also possible to pick up food at restaurants.

With regard to transport, 1 person can go in each row of the vehicle; with the exception of people living in the same household, who can sit next to the driver.

It will not be possible to drive outside the municipality.

Public transport has a maximum occupation of 50%. On bus trips the row behind the driver must be unoccupied. The use of a mask is compulsory when using public transport.

The use of a private vehicle is not allowed except for going to work, to the pharmacy, supermarket, doctor, tobacconist or hairdresser.

Phases post-Covid-19

Phase 1

With regard to private transport, restrictions are maintained except for people who share a home.

It is possible to travel by car to tourist accommodations, always maintaining safe distances from other people and with a limited capacity of terraces or bars. You may also visit family and friends, but always within the same province where you live.

Meetings are limited to 10 people.

Public transport will increase to 100%.

50% of capacity for medium and long distance trains and buses

Travel and holidays during Phase 1 in Malaga

After reaching Phase 1 you will be able to do active tourism and visit natural places in limited groups if you do not leave the province.

The museums open with limited capacity and without the use of common spaces.

Phase 2

Phase 2 in Malaga
Children under 14 years old and people doing sports will be able to go out as many times as they want and with no time limit. It is possible to stay and swim on the beaches, maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters. Swimming pools with a maximum capacity of 30% and shifts for bathing.

It is still not possible to leave the province where you live, although you can go to a second home in the same province.

Establishments of more than 400 square meters can open their doors, although with limited capacity. During this phase it will be possible to go to shopping centres, cinemas or restaurants, but with limited capacity and without using the common areas.

From Phase 2, people walking with children and those who practice sports will be able to do without restrictions.

Plaza Mayor mall in Malaga

Travel and holidays during Phase 2 in Malaga

It is still possible to do active tourism and visit natural places in limited groups and without leaving the province. The prohibition to use the common areas disappears but the limitation of the capacity in bars or common terraces of the lodgings remains.

The museums are still open and have limited capacity.

Phase 3

The last phase of the de-escalation plan should start on 8 June, although it will depend on the municipality. What does it consist of?

During this phase 3, open air concerts and leisure activities will be allowed. It will be possible to go to discos, bars and gyms as long as social distance can be maintained.

The beaches are open, to which you will be able to go if they are in your own province.

Leaving the province of residence is still restricted.

Possibility of increasing the occupation of medium and long distance trains and buses.

Playa Padre in Marbella

Masks are mandatory always, especially in closed spaces, public transport or when there are other people around.

There is no schedules during Phase 3 onwards.

After the confinement in Malaga

After phase 3, the confinement is ended in Malaga, during which a series of measures will be maintained to prevent a possible resurgence of the Coronavirus.

Beach in Torremolinos in July
I went with my child to the beach in Torremolinos in July. The water have a perfect temperature.

Among the measures are some like maintaining the maximum occupation of hotel pools at 50%, in the case of a residential pool the percentage rises to 75%.

Fairs and events may be held, provided that a distance of more than 1.5 meters between people can be maintained. In the case of attractions, you will only be able to sit next to someone who lives in your own home, thus avoiding proximity to strangers.

Masks must be worn at all times. The aim is to avoid possible contagion, so you must wear it even when walking by the shore.

From July onwards, flights from Europe to Malaga airport are allowed; you can read more about this in the airport news.


Travel and holidays after the Covid-19 in Malaga

After reaching Phase 3, the capacity of active tourism and visits to natural parks increased.

normative for going to the beach after covid-19

It is possible going to the beach, always keeping the social security distances.

Covid-19 Coronavirus travel questions and answers

I will try to answer some questions that I receive in the mail and others that I think can be useful both for planning your vacation after the Covid-19 and for any other reason.

I will update as new questions come in.

Regulation for flying to Spain

You may have to fill up a form 8 hours at the earliest before your entry to the country for health controls.

Official website:

Can you smoke on the beach, terraces or in the street?

If you cannot maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other people, it is forbidden to smoke in public spaces.

You can read more about smoking in Spain in our other article.

Do I have to quarantine on arrival to Malaga?

No, you don’t unless you think you should. Do follow the recommendations and use mask at all the times, except when sunbathing or having a swim. If you feel sick just cancel your trip or move the date to a later time.

Is possible to travel to another province?

I have been asked about a bus trip from Malaga airport to Granada. I have looked for information and found the following, which applies to inter-provincial travel:

You are able to travel to another province when there is no perimetral closure of both provinces.

Can I swim at the beach or ride my bike?

Bathing on the beach, walking or cycling is allowed. In general term, you can make normal life.

It is recommended that safety measures such as social distancing be maintained and a mask must be worn for walks along the shore.

Dean playing on the shore
My child having fun on the shore in July after having his 3 years old vaccine, despite the Coronavirus situation. The beach feels safe and people keep social distancing.

Are there any rental cars?

Yes, the companies that can adapt and give security to the client continue renting cars in Malaga. Besides, it is a great option if you plan to go on holiday to some rural destination within the province.

If you are planning to go on holiday after the Covid-19 in Malaga and you do not have a vehicle, you may be interested in renting one; rural tourism might be one of the most popular activities this summer.

Also, what about a campervan in Malaga? You can hire it for a weekend or longer.

Post-Covid-19 travel Plans

Let’s see some suggestions that we will expand as we receive information about activities and trips after the Covid-19 and during the different phases of the de-escalation in Malaga

Rural tourism

One of the options that Spaniards are considering this summer is rural tourism. If everything goes as it should, from May 11 or Phase 1, you can make use of tourist accommodation, so you can start enjoying your holidays.

Olías en Málaga
The villages of Malaga and rural tourism will be the big beneficiaries during the holidays after the Covid 19.

If you want to know charming villages in Malaga, I wrote an article about some of them.

If you are interested in travelling after Covid-19 to a village and renting rural accommodation but do not have a vehicle, remember that you can rent a car in Malaga. The companies we recommend are ready to continue working with all the guarantees.

What about a Campervan in Malaga?

More ideas you can do after Covid-19

There’s lots of things you can do, we’re going to recommend some:

What do you think about the list? I am sure you will not be bored in Malaga.

More information and sources about the Covid-19

For more basic information about Coronavirus, how to protect yourself and possible updates of schedules or phases of de-escalation, I leave you official links and others of great utility.

For information about flights cancellations regarding Coronavirus, you can check our other article.

If you need help or to contact your consulate, use the following url:

For the latest official information about flying from or to Spain:

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  1. Can I drive from San Pedro to Sevilla by car in Phase 2 to visit a friend . Is Sevilla classed as the same province as Marbella I know they are both in Andalucía but I’m presuming San Pedro is Malaga province and Sevilla is Seville province . If this is the case when can I drive to Seville please .

    1. Hello,
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    1. Thank you Naomi! I read that there is a plan from June for flights to UK. You will have to provide the address of the property you will be self-isolating for 15 days after arrival.

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