Viewpoints in Malaga, the best views from where taking spectacular photos

One of the main tourist attractions of the Costa del Sol are its beaches, although there is another way to enjoy the coast. From some of the best viewpoints in Malaga on natural balconies you can enjoy privileged views in Malaga of the coastline or of the interior of the province.

We are going to recommend some of the best viewpoints in Malaga. Essential places from where to take spectacular photographs of your holidays which you can upload to social networks and share with friends. A little healthy envy never hurts 😉

Viewpoints in Malaga

In the city of Malaga there are many breathtaking viewpoints. Have you visited them all?

Gibralfaro: A viewpoint in Malaga with views of the city

Viewpoints in Malaga: Gibralfaro
One of the many views that offers us the Castle of Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba, viewpoint in Malaga with privileged views.

Perhaps the most popular viewpoint in Malaga and from where you can take the most emblematic photo of the city are the Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba fortress in Malaga. A picture that captures the Paseo del Parque and the Port, as an addition while visiting a monument considered a landmark of the city.

No doubt you will have many opportunities to take photographs during the walk.

This landmark has different areas with amazing views of Malaga that you can get access to. From the Alcazaba to the viewpoint on the mountain of Gibralfaro:

Viewpoint in Monte de San Anton

Atardecer desde este mirador de Málaga
Sunset in Malaga from one of its natural viewpoints

If you want to observe the bay of Malaga from a privileged place there is no better view than from the top of Monte de San Anton.

You can use the signposted path to reach the top; the photograph resulting from such an effort will undoubtedly be a great reward.

The location of this natural viewpoint is perfect for those who wish to spend a day hiking . The city is not incompatible with a natural environment as shown in the following map:


Viewpoints in Benalmadena

Benalmadena has natural viewpoints that offer breath-taking views of the Costa del Sol. These viewpoints are very easily accessible and offer the visitor all kinds of services.

Calamorro: Viewpoint in Benalmadena

Benalmadena cable car viewpoint
The views from this viewpoint are spectacular and can be enjoyed even during summer nights. Don’t forget to wear a coat because at this altitude the cold is very present when the sun goes down.

This viewpoint is at 800 meters above sea level and is easily accessible if you decide to ascend to the place using the cable car in Benalmadena. In addition to enjoying the breath-taking views of the coast from one of its viewpoints there are other recreational activities that might be of interest.

During the summer the cable car is open until midnight, so you can also enjoy the illuminated view of the coast.

To get there you can choose whether to use the cable car or take the hiking route. Monte Calamorro also connects with Cañada del Lobo in Torremolinos:

Mirador de la Estupa Budista

Benalmádena Viewpoint
Puerto Marina and Benalmadena Costa on the background of the photo.

If you visit Benalmadena Pueblo from the A-7 motorway you will have to pass this viewpoint. It is next to the Buddhist Stupa and very close to the Mariposario (Butterfly Park).

You will have a privileged view of the entire western Costa del Sol and you can also visit both the Butterfly Park and this beautiful Buddhist temple of enlightenment.

Check the map to know how to get there:

Viewpoints in Torremolinos

If you are in Torremolinos you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful views offered by the best viewpoints in this municipality. Do you want to know them?

Cañada del Lobo

Viewpoint in Cañada del Lobo, Torremolinos
Viewpoint of Cañada del Lobo in Torremolinos

The Cañada del Lobo is connected to the top of Monte Calamorro in Benalmadena by a hiking route.

You can have a look at the following map to plan your visit:

La Bateria Park

Viewpoint in La Bateria Park
In the background, the tower-viewpoint of the Parque de la Bateria in Torremolinos.

In the Parque de la Bateria in Montemar there is a viewpoint with sea views. Although at a lower height than others it offers the visitor some beautiful views of the coast.

From this strategic place the coast was defended with defensive batteries, hence the name.

The viewpoint tower is on this map:

Viewpoints in Nerja

There will undoubtedly be other places from where you can enjoy the views and nature, but the Balcony of Europe is one of the most popular among those who visit Nerja.

Balcon de Europa

Viewpoint of the Balcony of Europe in Nerja
Aerial view of the Balcony of Europe in Nerja.

The Balcony of Europe is one of the most popular viewpoints of the Costa del Sol, not for its altitude but for the beauty of its views.

On this site there was an old fortress that was demolished by the French army during the War of Independence.

This is also a meeting place during special events that take place throughout the year. If you want to visit it, you can find it on this map:

Maro Tower

Viewpoint of the Tower of Maro in Nerja
Impressive natural views in Maro.

A perfect place to take pictures of the cliffs of Maro. The tower that is on this site was built within the sixteenth century. There is no doubt this place was chosen as the result of the privileged views.

It is situated in a natural environment, you can find it in the following map:

Viewpoint in Torrox Costa

Viewpoint with transparent floor in Torrox
This viewpoint has a metraquilate floor.

Near the lighthouse of Torrox is this viewpoint that simulates the bow of a boat. The floor is made of transparent metraquilate so you can observe the roman ruins below.

You can find it in this map:

Viewpoint in Rincon de la Victoria

From the Torre del Cantal you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast of Rincon de la Victoria.

Watchtower of El Cantal

Viewpoint of the Torre del Cantal in Rincón de la Victoria
The tower is about 30 meters above sea level.

This viewpoint is on the Playa del Cantal and offers a view of the Rincón de la Victoria beach, which is about 7 kilometres long. The tower, of Arabic construction, is at approximately 30 meters above the sea.

The Watchtower of El Cantal is on this map:

It is in this place where the legendary Cueva del Tesoro (Treasure Cave) is located, in addition to enjoying the views you might want to check the surroundings.

Viewpoint in Ronda

The city of Ronda is a viewpoint in itself. You just have to find the right place from where enjoying the wonderful views.

Viewpoint in Ronda
Leaning on the railing is not recommended for people with vertigo.

Ronda is one of my favourite destinations and has spectacular views of its surroundings thanks to the privileged position it occupies on the plateau, a plateau of between 500 and 1000 metres above sea level.

If you visit this viewpoint you can not miss the opportunity to see other of the many monuments of the place. In the following map you will find exactly where to find it:

Torre de Lifa

Viewpoint of Lifa Tower

Unique spot, this tower offers beautiful views of the Sierra de las Nieves. A watchtower with its history, it is said that it was part of an Arab castle.

It is between the towns of El Burgo and Ronda.

This viewpoint is especially suitable for those who enjoy hiking routes on foot. It is easily accessible from Ronda, if you feel up to it you can find it in the following map:

Viewpoint in Marbella

Mirador en Marbella, Sierra de Istán
Interior view of the Sierra de Istan from this wonderful natural viewpoint.

From the Sierra de Istan in Marbella you will have a privileged view of the interior of the province and the Costa del Sol. On clear days you can even see the African coast and the Strait of Gibraltar, a true eye-catching spectacle.

Mirador natural en Marbella
View of Gibraltar and the African coast from this natural viewpoint in the Sierra de Istan in Marbella.

As you can see in the photos the views are spectacular. In my opinion it is well worth the effort to get there.

It is an ideal place to spend the whole day, you can plan your visit in the following map of the area:

Viewpoint in Estepona

In Estepona there are also natural spaces from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the coast.

Viewpoint of Estepona in Sierra Bermeja

Mirador de Estepona en Sierra Bermeja

From this viewpoint in Sierra Bermeja you can enjoy an impressive view that reaches the Rock of Gibraltar and the Bay of Algeciras. If the weather allows it you can see all the way to the African coast.

This viewpoint is perfect for those who want to spend a day hiking in Estepona. You can find the location on the following map:

Viewpoint in Mijas

In Mijas Pueblo you will also find viewpoints with beautiful views of the Costa del Sol.

Viewpoint of the Paseo de la Muralla

Mirador en Mijas Pueblo
The Paseo de La Muralla is one of the recommended landmarks to visit in Mijas.

Very close to the Bullring of Mijas is this viewpoint, surrounded by cliffs used for climbing.

The Mijas Wall is freely accessible 24 hours a day and is the remains of an ancient Arab fortress. The promenade has benches, fountains and also offers a botanical route with animals in freedom and gardens designed for blooming throughout the year.

If you want to visit, head to the park. Here you are the location map:

Natural viewpoint in Almayate

The east coast also has to offer us impressive views, not only of the coastline:

Cerro de la Encina

Vía Láctea

If you go during the day you can enjoy beautiful views of the coastline, but it is at night when it wakes up in all its splendour. Enjoy the night sky without the city’s light pollution; you can even see the Milky Way.

It has a geodesic vertex which, together with others, is used to produce topographic maps to scale. These pillars on a concrete base, which you have probably seen before, are located in high places with good panoramic views.

It is located near Almayate, in the northern part of the highway. You can consult the following map to know its location:

Transfers from the airport

Do you have a favourite viewpoint in Malaga?

I can also recommend some viewpoints in Andalusia with spectacular views. Maybe in a next post.

As a last tip and to finish, if you want to enjoy in all their splendour the natural viewpoints the best time to visit them is during spring. February in Malaga is also a good month as commented in another article.

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