Malaga airport adds new security filters to improve security checks

new security check in Malaga airportThe unstoppable growth of travellers through Malaga airport for departures and arrivals has led to improvements not only in access and parking (read information note), but also in security controls.

Security checks often cause fear in travellers and not because they have committed a crime but because the intrinsic stress of the trip.

Security checks often cause fear in travelers and not because they have committed a crime but because the intrinsic stress of the trip. Those controls are the intermediate step that separates you from taking a flight and where there is usually a bigger queue. Security is essential and we must all pass through those filters, nor do the aircrew get rid of them.

The flying day is a cause of stress. The only moment when most travellers relax is after taking off and after leaving the airport. Trying to improve the transition is always welcome.


What about security control filters in Malaga airport?

Telling the truth I have never experienced a major delay in this area of the airport. The process has always been smooth, even when they decided to look closely at my luggage (when I was bringing a backpack). The time used for passing through the security control was always short and guards are very friendly and informative.

I understand that during the busiest months certain delays might occur. Especially when in front of you there are several families in full with luggage and baby trolleys.

The reform plan includes an update of the security area and focus on families with children and baby trolleys. The upgrade will be gradual to interfere minimally with the security controls performed daily.

What will change in airport security controls?

There is no cause for concern or alarm, do not add more stress to your trip! The change will be gradual and consists of an extension of the current controls. The intention is to create 3 new security filters with X-ray equipment and detector arcs in each of them.

In total the new security area will have 22 x-ray equipment and 12 detector arcs. There is another security control in Terminal T2 that is operative when the influx of passengers requires it and add 12 x-ray machines and 6 detector arcs

The new security filters are designed to divert passengers with children and baby trolleys for better and faster inspection.

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