Dates and calendar of events for Malaga Carnival 2020

This year 2020 the Malaga Carnival will begins on 21st of February and will last until 1st of March. Continue reading to learn about the preparations and activities that will take place from the beginning to the last day of Carnival.

Malaga Carnival

Continue reading to know more about Malaga Carnival events or check other featured carnivals:

Malaga Carnival Calendar

After the preparations, the Carnival officially starts on 21 February at 8 pm. Although before that there will be some activities that could interest you.

Featured days before Malaga Carnival

The schedule of the following meetings prior to the Malaga Carnival will be at 1.00 pm during the month of February on the days indicated below:

  • Saturday 1 – Carnival Fried Breadcrumbs in Teatinos.
    01.30 pm in Avenida José Ribera.
  • Saturday 1 – Picoteo Carnavalesco in Ciudad Jardín.
    01.00 pm in Camino de Casabermeja, Parque La Alegría
  • Sunday 2 – Callos of Humility and Patience in Cruz de Humilladero.
    01.00 pm at Reboul Street, house of the brotherhood.
  • Saturday 8 – Carnival Paella in Palma-Palmilla.
    1.00 pm in Avenida de la Palmilla, Valle-Inclán city centre.
  • Sunday 9 – Potaje Perchelero in Calle Ancha del Cármen.
    1.00 pm at La Serna Street.

All of the above are gastronomy meetings.

Thursday 13 February

5 pm – Children’s Gala at the Cervantes Theatre.

Saturday 15

5 pm – Senior Gala at Teatro Cervantes.
8.30 pm – Carnival 2020 Proclamation at Plaza de la Constitución.

Sunday 16

1 pm – Carnival group performances at Plaza de la Libertad

Monday 17

7.30 pm –  Exhibition “40 years of Carnival” at Eslava Street, 10.

Tuesday 18

8:15 pm – Round table to know the carnival and its history in Eslava street, 10.

Wednesday 19th February

6 pm – Children’s Festival

Thursday 20th February

8 pm – Opening conference of the Malaga Carnival.

Friday 21st February

  • 8 pm – Málaga Carnival inauguration at Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 9.30 pm – Election of Gods at Plaza de la Constitución.

Saturday 22nd February

All events take place at Constitution Square.

  • 12:00 – Children’s Carnival inauguration.
  • 12:30 pm – Election of Princes and Gods for children with activities.
  • 6.30 pm – Children’s parade.
  • 9 pm – Drag Queen Gala.

The itinerary of the children’s parade is as follows: Plaza de la Constitución, Especería, Nueva, plaza Félix Sáenz, Puerta del Mar, Martínez, Marqués de Larios, Plaza de la Constitución, Granada, Plaza del Carbón, Plaza del Siglo, Molina Larios, Sancha de Lara, Marqués de Larios y Plaza de la Constitución

Sunday, February 23rd

  • 12:00 – Children’s costume contest at Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 17:30 – Grand Carnival parade through the historic centre to Plaza de la Merced.

The itinerary of the parade is as follows: Plaza de fray Alonso de Santo Tomás, Plaza de la Legión, Cerezuela, Rotonda Lola Carrera, Puente de la Esperanza, Prim, Atarazanas, Puerta del Mar, Alameda Principal (lateral derecho), Marqués de Larios, plaza de la Constitución, Granada, plaza del Carbón, plaza del Siglo, Granada, Méndez Núñez, plaza de Uncibay, Casapalma, Cárcer, Madre de Dios y plaza de la Merced

Monday 24th to Thursday 27th

During these days there will be children’s activities starting at 5 pm in the Old Town of the city.

Friday, February 28th

  • 12:00 – Children’s activities in the Old Town of Malaga.
  • 12:00 – Parade of Gods.

Itinerary of the parade: Plaza de la Constitución, Especería, Nueva, plaza Félix Sáenz, Puerta del Mar, Martínez, Marqués de Larios y plaza de la Constitución

Saturday 29th February

  • 12:00 – Children’s Carnival with an exhibition of drawings, awards ceremony and performances at Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 6 pm – Parade of Gods through the Historical Centre.
    Itinerary: Plaza de la Constitución, Granada, plaza del Carbón, plaza del Siglo, Duque de la Victoria, San Agustín, Echegaray, Granada, Méndez Núñez, plaza de Uncibay, Calderería, Granada y plaza de la Constitución
  • 8 pm – Battle of the Flowers in Calle Larios.
  • 9 pm – Malaga Carnival Anthology in Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 9.15 pm – The Final in the Plaza with the performance of the Groupings of the End of the 2020 Carnival Competition.

Sunday, March 1st

This is the last day of the Malaga Carnival in 2020 and is when the popular Burial of the Boqueron takes place.

  • 12:00 – Parade of Gods through the Historical Centre.
    Itinerary: Plaza de la Constitución, Especería, Nueva, plaza Félix Sáenz, Puerta del Mar, Martínez, Marqués de Larios y plaza de la Constitución.
  • 12:00 – Children’s workshops in the Historical Centre.
  • 13:00 – Coplas competition in Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 14:00 – Grand Boqueroná in Plaza de la Constitución with free tasting of fried anchovies.
  • 5 to 8 pm – Burial of the Boqueron with the following itinerary: Estatua Marqués de Larios, plaza de la Marina, avenida de Manuel Agustín Heredia, Puerta de las columnas del Puerto de Málaga, Palmeral de las Sorpresas, Paseo de Muelle Uno, Farola de Málaga, Paseo de la Farola y Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla (Antonio Martín).

More information about the Malaga Carnival

If you want to know more about the carnival of Malaga, as well as its history and some curiosities we recommend visiting our website about the Carnival of Malaga.

You can also find more information on the official website, download registration and authorization for participation of minors:

On their Twitter page, Facebook or Instagram.

If you wish you can visit the official Carnival channel in Malaga:

Official video of Malaga Carnival 2020


Marbella Carnival

Marbella Carnival dates are from 15 February to 7th March. We can expect a lot of colour and fun on the streets, the typical singing groups, competitions and festivals.

Puerto Banús overview in Marbella

Marbella is the perfect place for leisure and fun. It  offers since decades an excellent infrastructure for international “high standard” tourism. However, Marbella maintained its traditional festivals; a large number of people take to the streets to enjoy fun-filled days, as for instance during Carnival.

There are not only are festivals, music, humour and parades, but also a good number of tastings of typical dishes in the street. If you are in Marbella or if you decide to travel to this city of the Costa del Sol in these days, go outside and have fun with the locals. The city has several costume shops if you fancy immerse yourself in the party and fun.

Calendar of activities for Marbella Carnival

The calendar of activities for Marbella Carnival can be found below:

Nerja Carnival

This year the Nerja Carnival will take place from 20 to 23 February. An event with many activities for all audiences that takes place mainly in the Plaza de España and the Balcony of Europe.
Mirador del Balcón de Europa en Nerja

Featured events of the Carnival of Nerja:

  • 20 February: Opening ceremony at the Villa de Nerja Cultural Centre and Carnival group festival.
  • 21 February: Children’s fancy dress competition and election of Momo and Ninfa, children and adults.
  • 22 February: Carnival Parade. In past editions the route was as follows from 5pm: Plaza de España, Calle Jaen, Diputación, Plaza Cavana, Calle Granada, Plaza de la Ermita, Calle San Miguel, Plaza de Cantarero, Calle Pintada, Puerta del Mar and return to Plaza de España.
    After the parade, the carnival will continue with a party in Plaza de España where the winners of the costume contest will be announced.
  • 3 March: Pet costume contest at 11:30 in Plaza de España followed by a children’s contest.
    From 4:00 pm the Burial of the Boquerón begins, a parade or funeral march through the streets of Nerja to Calahonda beach.
    Fireworks from approximately 7 pm onwards on Calahonda beach, which can be seen from the Balcón de Europa.

Tolox Carnival and Powder’s Day

Tolox en Málaga

Tolox has one of the oldest known carnivals in the province of Malaga and is called the ‘Día de los Polvos’ (Powder’s Day). In 2020 it takes place on 13 February.

It is a tradition that comes to us from the 19th century and during which people throw talcum powder at each other.

The Carnival festival takes place from 10 to 13 February at the town’s square Plaza Alta and runs through the streets of Tolox.

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