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Shops, restaurants and fast food

If you are coming to Malaga through the airport a guide of the shops available inside would be helpful. Most of them are only accessible for passengers after passing the security control, including the Duty Free shops.

Remember to plan well in advance, if you forgot bringing something essential you can buy at any of the shops available inside the airport on your arrival or departure.

All shops situated after passing the security control on 1st floor have easy access, they are in the left or right row just before reaching the boarding gates.

*First floor is for departures while the ground floor is for arrivals.

Shopping for passangers:

In the visitors area you will find:

Terminal T3 - Shopping and eating for passengers

Most of the shops and restaurants below are only accessible by those with a flight ticket and after passing the security control:

Buy basic products and food

LOL Sweets

Sweets shop, goodies and snacks. If you want to buy something to eat to ease the wait for the flight this is the right place.

Petra mora

Want to buy something typical from Malaga for eating or as a food-gift?

Airport pharmacy

Vending machine with basic pharmacy products, hygiene, baby food and personal care in general. If you need to buy basic health products don't forget to visit this pharmacy.

Duty Free shops at the airport

Duty Free shops are perfect for shopping something we might need at a lower price.

Tienda Duty Free dentro del aeropuerto

Arrivals Shop

Duty Free where buying tobacco at the airport at a lower price, there is an area for perfumery, food and accessories at a discounted price for those who just landed at the airport.

The Express Shop

Duty Free shop located near the boarding gate with all kind of products. If you need to buy a perfume, drinks, food or a duty-free tobacco box just before boarding, this is the place.

The Shop

Duty free mall with all kind of products like the shops above.


Giraffe World Kitchen

International food restaurant at Malaga airport

Exploring the World

Food from all the world in this International restaurant.

Kirei by Kabuki

Japanese and Mediterranean food with sushi and other typical japanese food. There is a takeaway for bringing the food into your flight.

Mum's Kitchen

Self service restaurant with a varied gastronomy offer.

Fast food

Caffé di Fiore

Many kind of coffee including moka and cappuccino and cakes.

Caffé Pans

Baked pastries and salty snaks, ideal for breakfast.

Carte D'Or

Quality icecreams made with ingredients from all the world.

Costa Coffee

Specialists in coffee.

Upper Crust

Stuffed baguettes with varied ingredients.

Giraffe Stop

Fast recipes with International dishes.

Beers, wines and tapas

Four Arrows

Importeed beers and burguers at this Irish Pub in Malaga airport.


Traditional Spanish beers and tapas.


Beer, tapas, filled bread and salads.

Buy jewelry, fashion clothes and accessories at the airport

Raquel Troyano Jewels

Buy pendants, gold or silver jewelry, accessories and watches at the airport.

Adolfo Dominguez

Fashion and accesories store from the well-known brand Adolfo Dominguez. There is jewelry, shoes, handbags for both men and women.


Shop where buying women's fashion from the brand Desigual.


Shop casual clothes and accessories from Gap brand, there is children's clothing also.


Fashion clothes for women, you can buy here branded bags, travel cases and accessories.

Sunglass Hut

Sunglasses store at the airport, remember Malaga has a shiny sun most of the year, so it is a good idea to buy quality sunglasses when coming.


Designer clothes in this British store.


Austrian store where you can buy Swarovsky crystals, fashion jewelry and accessories.

The Fashion Gallery

Store when buying clothes and luxury accessories from international brands like Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Maxamara Weekend...

The Fashion Place

Luxury store for clothes and accessories from international brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Desigual, Lacoste...

Victoria's Secret

Store where buying the known brand Victoria's Secret lingerie.

Shopping with children

If you are travelling with children is very possible you have to visit the shops below:

Lol Kids store and Lol Sweets

Toys, children clothes and sweets.

Buying electronic devices at the airport

Bringing back to the United Kingdom some electronic device you bought here and need a power adaptor? Forgot the charger at the hotel or lost your phone and need to buy a new smartphone at the airport? Do not worry, those are things that unfortunately happen everyone sooner or after, at the airport you can buy any of those items and more, there is a vendor machine available 24/7.

Crystal Media Shop

If you need any electronic product you can go to this store.

Electronic products vendor machine

If your flight is departing at a no friendly time and all stores are closed, you can use this vendor machine that sells almost anything you might need, you can buy an Ipad, smartphone bumper, camera, chargers, power adaptors, batteries, Ipods...just take a look.

International newspapers, magazines and gifts at the airport

Waiting time is less long if we have some entertainment, nothing better than reading something comfortably.


International and national newspapers, books and bestsellers, stationary and batteries.


If you need to buy a present for someone, buy an accessory in the last-minute, then you might want to check this store at the airport. There are two, one after passing the security check and another in the public area.

Stores in Terminal 3 & 2 - Public shops

These stores are just before passing the security check and are open to everyone with or without flight ticket.


Golf shop, if you enjoy this sport you can buy everything you need just from inside the airport.


At Terminal 2 (accessible from T3) you will find a store where buying any tobacco brand, lighter and items related to smoking.


Just before passing the security check, in front of the check-in counters.

Sunglass Hut

If want to buy sunglasses for protecting from shiny sun in Malaga, this is a good place where taking a look.

Travel Mate

Store where buying travel accessories, you can buy a handbag if you need or a travel bag if you are lack of space when returning home.


National and international newspapers, magazines, books, best sellers, batteries...

Tourist tip

Do not leave your shopping for the last day, plan in advance everything you might need. If you are not sure and you are just planning your trip, take a look at our recommended travel guides and items for your holiday to Malaga depending on the month you are coming.

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