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Alpandeire village

Of Arabic design the village is characterised by narrow, flowered streets. Situated in the centre of the village is the parochial church La Catedral de la Serranía, dedicated to San Antonio de Padua. Built in the 16th century, the interior has vaulted naves and a dome covered transept.

This village of Malaga was the birthplace of Fray Leopoldo de Alpanmdeire (famous throughout Spain) and one can visit the monument in his honour and the house where he was born. Other places of interest are the dolmens of Encinas Borrachas and the caves of Cerro de Castillejo, both of which are prehistoric. The impressive valley of Genal and other areas of scenic beauty are nearby - such as the peaks of Jarastepar, del Carnero, and Pozancón.

The cuisine is based on dishes such as conejo al ajillo (rabbit with garlic), cordero en salsa de tomate (lamb in tomato sauce), gazpacho (Spain's most famous cold soup or consommé: made with tomatoes, bread and vegetables). Among desserts the most outstanding are the homemade pastries for Semana Santa (Easter's Holy Week) such as borrachuelos (mini-cakes soaked in liqueur), pestiños (fritters in sweet syrup), suspiros (meringue) and the rosquillón (a ring shaped pastry).

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at a glance - Alpandeire

Number of inhabitants: 246
Public festivals: Christmas - Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire

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