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White Villages in Malaga

The white villages of Andalusia are probably most people's stereotype of a traditional Spanish village. Perched upon a picturesque hillside with the small villas divided by narrow alleys and streets. Surprisingly it is still possible to find villages such as this on the Costa del Sol. Here are seven examples of white villages scattered throughout the region.

Antequera - the largest of the towns of Malaga and its fifth in Spain.. Alpandeire - the place where Fray Leopoldo was born. Jubrique - situated on the top of a mountain, giving fantastic views of the Sierra Rondeña. Pujerra - famed for its fine work with leather. Carratraca - famous for its natural sulphur spas. Alfarnatejo - with the ruins of its Muslim castle. Totalán - a little village of great interest for its natural beauty and for its archeological treasures. Sedella and Archez - full of monuments and Moorish ruins of great value and historical interest.

The map below provides a reference as to where each village is situated in the region

villages map Alpandeire Alpandeire Pujerra Carratraca Alfarnatejo Sedella Totalan

White villages video

White villages

tourist tips

We would like to remind travellers that whilst areas off the beaten track enable visitors to see another side of Spain it should also be remembered that locals are far less likely to speak English. Road signs are also less prominent and the roads themselves are often much narrower and in worse condition. It's a good idea to go equipped with an up to date map and a Spanish phrase book in case of emergency.

Whilst most towns and villages have small shops and petrol/gas stations it's a good idea to make sure that the car is full and to take a bottle of water, especially if you have children or elderly people with you.

Most establishments will be operating on Spanish hours. This means that many places will open from 10:00-2:00 and from 4:30-8:00. Most places are CLOSED from 2:00 until 4:30, so bear this in mind.

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