Yunquera Fairs, Festivals and activities in June and October

Yunquera is a charming inland village in the mountains of Sierra de las Nieves, 50 km north of Marbella. Its traditional festivals are a tourist attraction for those who want to know this municipality; we will tell you the main activities that take place throughout the year.

Yunkera overview

You can check the dates when available at the official website following the link at the bottom of this article.

Midsummer’s Eve in Yunquera

San Juan or Midsummer’s Eve will take place during the 24th June in Malaga. San Juan in Malaga is popular in coastal areas, although inland towns such as Yunquera also celebrate it. In this town they call this night “Noche de los Juanes.”

Unlike in other towns and coastal areas, in Yunquera the celebration of San Juan has a marked religious character. The streets of this town are decorated for the occasion with pots, dolls and even altars. At night, the music and the dances reach the protagonism together with the burning of the so-called “juas”.


Yunquera Guerrillera

Yunquera Guerrillera

Anyone who visits this small town in Málaga during June or late April can relive the time of the War of Independence. For 3 days you will find dresses and costumes from the early 19th century, taverns, markets and a historical representation that will take you back in time.

Yunquera was historically a strategic place, so every year is remembered the battle between the Yunqueranos and the Napoleonic soldiers. Visitors will not have to fight, just enjoy the historical recreation, parades, the craft market, good food and of course the natural environment in which Yunquera is located.

The streets are filled with locals dressed in typical costumes and routes are organised to learn about the most emblematic places in the village. There are bonfires, dance shows, theatre shows and a few more surprises.

Dates can change from year to year, so better check the official website for detailed information.

Yunquera Fair

Cartel de Feria

The Fair in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary and San Sebastian is around the 7th of October. This festival of Yunquera is intimately related to the end of the harvest season. Historically they celebrated the return of the seasonal workers from Cadiz.

During the morning of this day some local women wake up early for walking the streets while praying. Once finished, they meet in the village central square for a typical breakfast.

Among the most featured traditions there is the offering of grapes to the Virgin and the trading of the grape.

If you visit the Fair of Yunquera don’t forget to try some typical tapas and wine in one of the taverns in the village.

Chestnut and Wine Fair in Yunquera

Chestnut and Wine Fair in Yunquera
Usually during the last weekend of October is the Chestnut and Wine Fair in Yunquera. In this event  there will be a traditional craft and shopping area with about 40 exhibitors, plus sightseeing tours and Tapas routes, tastings, contests, concerts and parades.

The duration of the Fair is usually two days. During those days there are activities such as the Flamenco Festival of the Chestnut or tasting the ‘Malcocinado’, a traditional dish made with pork products.

The villages of Sierra de las Nieves such as Yunquera or Igualeja are probably the largest producers of chestnuts in Spain. It is a beautiful area, especially during the Autumn season; it invites to a stroll through the woods, where you can enjoy the autumn aspect of the chestnut trees and then taste them freshly roasted, a delicacy, accompanied by some wine. It’s a very nice proposal for any weekend.

Transfers from the airport

How to get to Yunquera

Sierra de las Nieves is a beautiful natural park and a biosphere reserve. Yunquera can be reached from Malaga on the A-357 and then on the A-354 that in direction to Casarabonela and Alozaina. From Marbella on the A-355 in direction to Monda.

For getting to Yunquera the recommended option is by car, if you need to rent a car in Malaga we can recommend some trusted websites. You can also use a transfer to Yunquera, for this I recommend, because I had a good experience with them; but you can have a check at other transfers websites we have here and choose your favourite.

Once you have a car, you can follow this road route from Marbella to Yunquera.

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