Activities during Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Malaga

Soon is already Christmas again, time flies! While slowly in most European countries the sun gives place to clouds, rain and the first snow, in Malaga the sun is still shining merrily on a bright blue sky, so why not checking some activities you can do in Christmas or New Year’s Eve in Malaga?

Why not try this year something different and spend the end of the year in the sunny south? What’s up in Malaga and the Costa del Sol, on Christmas and New Year’s?


A lot! The Andalusians and especially the people of Malaga love to celebrate and to have a good time with family and friends, and Andalusia would not be Andalusia, if not most of it would take place on the streets, as the mild weather virtually invites to it.

Activities in Christmas

During the entire month of December, the resorts along the Costa del Sol display a unique charm with extraordinary and colorful Christmas lights that invite you to stroll through the evening streets. In addition, various events take place around Christmas, such as the exhibition of the typical nativity scene and Christmas concerts.

The 24th of December is usually celebrated with the family and the gifts will be given traditionally in Spain on 6th of January, but in recent years, many families changed it to the 24th of December so that children could be playing during the holidays and don´t need to wait so long to have their gifts. Later in the evening many people go out for drinks and thus during these days everywhere there is a very animated nightlife.

On 28th of December is not only the day of ‘los Santos Inocentes’  in Spain where people make fun of friends and family, but in Malaga it is also the day of Verdiales, a typical folklore of the mountains of Malaga, with dancing and singing, so there is a lot going on!

Activities during New Year’s Eve in Malaga

And already we are moving with fast pace towards the end of the year: The hotels along the Costa del Sol are offering special packages with festive dinners, New Year’s Eve party and several surprises.

The locals usually eat late and enjoy a very good dinner, typically with the family. Here, will be celebrated with lots of champagne the New Year before it then goes to the streets to celebrate until dawn at bars and discos. Furthermore, is gathered a large number of people from about 11 pm in the larger squares, such as the Plaza de Constitucion in Málaga to celebrate with activities, music and concerts into the New Year.

What is the average traditional equipment for this night full of activities? Some bottles of Cava champagne, 12 grapes and red underwear. The 12 grapes are eaten by 12 pm, one for each stroke, which is said to bring good luck for next year. The red underwear again promises similar in matters of love in the New Year.

The traditional Spaniard is dressed in black that night, but there are also many people wearing colorful wigs and other simple accessories.

But even after the 1st of January is the party is not over, because now it´s the little ones turn: On 5th of January, takes place the Parade of the Three Kings, huge carnival-like, colorful parades through the main streets of the cities, where lots of sweets are thrown into large crowds of children.

As you can see, visiting Malaga at Christmas and New Year’s Eve won’t be boring at all!

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Travel blogger, web developer and content editor. Author of many of the travel guides and tips available online about Andalucia, Malaga and Spain.

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  1. Hello,
    We would are looking for a restaurant for gourmets for New Year’s dinner in Malaga. Have you got any suggestions?

    1. Hello Ann, that is a very personal decision. I would check if Malaga Palacio hotel offer a New Year’s dinner. They have a restaurant on last floor where I enjoyed a fantastic dinner. From there the views of the city are special.

      There are many restaurants in old town offering New Year’s dinner and looking good, but I can’t give you a recommendaton as I never tried any of them before.

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