Caminito del Rey in Google Street View

Caminito del Rey, a pathway now known worldwide for its beautiful views and past danger, has caught the attention of the giant Google which has digitized the path for its popular application Google Street View.

caminito del rey map

The application of Google allows the user a panoramic view along a path of preset images. This is something that has already been used in such sights as the pyramids of Egypt or the world’s major cities and which allow the curious observer the feeling of somehow visiting the place.

Without doubt this is good news for those who want to remember or walk this pathway for the first time.

Caminito del Rey (King’s little pathway) is a popular tourist attraction which has recently been refurbished and for which you have to book the visit from their website (, although it has been very successful and currently there is no availability for the tour.

The tour takes between 4 and 5 hours depending on the pace. It is a linear path so when you reach the end, you have to take a bus for getting to the starting point.

Transfers from the airport

If you choose to start from Alora keep in mind that a large part of the route is uphill, however if you decide to start in Ardales it is downhill, so it will take less time to walk it.

If you still haven´t got your ticket do not worry. The Caminito del Rey is located in a beautiful natural area which you can enjoy without reservation and free of charge. Don’t forget the typical gastronomy of the villages surrounding it.

How to get to Caminito del Rey

You can take a regional train from Malaga train stopping at El Chorro. Another option is by road to Ardales.

Opening time is 10 am to 2 pm during November to March and until 5 pm between April and October.

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  1. Sooo amazing view, one of the best trails in Europa, ! must do if u are in the area.

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