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Holidays and festivities in United Kingdom

The origin of bank holidays can be historical, religious or to hold special events throughout the year. There are some festivities that are celebrated both in United Kingdom and Spain and Malaga.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday then it is passed to the first working day of the week, usually the Monday. In Spain this only happens when the festivity falls in Sunday.

Depending on which day of the week is the festivity you can plan a good weekend getaway, 3 days are more than enough to have a break and visit Malaga.

Holiday Calendar of United Kingdom


Have you decided meeting the Christmas'Eve in Malaga or plan to visit the province in January?

Christmas holidays for children are ideal for families who want to take a break of the cold. January is one of the months with the best deals and lowest prices throughout the year. If you have limited budget and want to visit Spain this can be a great month.

Festive days:

New Year's Bank Holiday is the 1st of January, however in 2017 it will be passed to the Monday 2nd.


Spring Bank Holiday: English students have a holiday week by the half of February. It can be compared to the 'Semana Blanca' in Spain by the same date.

March / April

- St. Patrick's Day on 17th of March: In Malaga they also celebrate this day with special events and contests in different municipalities as a great Irish presence in the province.

If you are planning a visit in April you might be interested in reading more about Easter in Malaga.

In 2017 Easter festivity dates are as following:

  • Good Friday on 14th of April.
  • Easter Monday on 17th of April

Easter holidays: For English students Easter holidays last two weeks (only 1 week for Spanish students). If you have free days and plan to visit Malaga with children this can be a good date.


If you are planning your holiday during this month you might be interested in reading a post about visiting Malaga in April or May.

Bank holidays in May:

Early May Bank Holiday on Monday the 1st.

Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 29th.


The Midsummer celebration on 23th of June is celebrated in Malaga with bonfires on the beach, drinks and dancing during the traditional 'Noche de San Juan'.


The Twelfth (Battle of the Boyne): Although it is a traditional celebration from North Ireland it can be celebrated also in Scotland and England. There are bonfires at night and parades for this celebration.

The Twelfth is not celebrated in Malaga nor Spain.


August is a hot month in Malaga, ideal for those who want to enjoy the beach and good weather. By the half of the month there is the Malaga fair.

Summer Bank Holiday on 28th in August
It sounds good a weekend getaway in August to Malaga and enjoy a refreshing bath in the sea.

Summer holidays
English students have their holidays since ending of July until the beginning of September. August is a good month also if you are planning a family holiday as children will enjoy beach and pool during the summer in Malaga.

October / November

- Halloween celebration in United Kingdom is a millenary event that is celebrated like the 31th night in October. ┬┐Thinking to travel by that date and wondering about celebrating Halloween in Malaga?

- St. Andrew day in November 30th is a bank holiday in Scotland and it is celebrated with traditional food, music and dancing. This festivity is not celebrated in Spain.

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Students winter holidays can make of this month the perfect one for planning your holiday. But, what is the weather like in December in Malaga?

December is usually a month with mild temperatures and a great activity. There are typical ornamentation and traditional Christmas markets. Visiting Malaga in winter is every year more common by the English, maybe because the easy to find cheap prices and vacation deals.

What bank holidays are in December in the United Kingdom?

Christmas day the 25th of December.

Boxing day the 26th of December
This day has no equivalence in Spain and it is only celebrated in English countries. This is a day with big discounts in shopping and it can be extended to the 'Boxing week', but still just one day is a bank holiday.

Traditionally during the Boxing Day people had to use the gifts packages they received to make gifts to the most needy.

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