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Events and festivities in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is one of those places you must visit, and nothing better than visiting Torremolinos during one of the special days below:

Holiday Calendar of Torremolinos


Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men, January 5. The Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men is celebrated in Torremolinos form 5 pm onwards, with one of the largest processions in the province, 5,000 kilos of sweets and almost a ton of confetti and serpentine coils. The event concludes around 8 pm in the city hall of Torremolinos.

February/ March

The Carnival in Torremolinos is lived with intensity, great atmosphere and massive participation of the residents of the municipality, giving vent to their joy and creativity on the streets and squares. There are numerous activities such as Chirigotas (critical, funny carnival songs sung by groups) contest, carnival parade in La Carihuela, costume contest for children and a Grand Carnival Ball at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions. As in other municipalities, the Carnival in Torremolinos finishes with the traditional Burial of the Sardine, held in the district of San Miguel.

- St. Valentine's day in Torremolinos is the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway, hotels and restaurants use to offer a special dinner for that day.

- International dancing competition in Torremolinos in 2024, from the 22th to the 28th in February, also known as MueBT. Different dancing competitions with couples from all ages and countries. This competition was known before as European Ballroom Championship or wdc championship. There will be dancing shows in the auditorium and on the street with dancers of hip hop, break dance, funky and even rock, salsa championship, vals or tango amonth many others. The 22th of February a free participation flashmob will be held on the streets.

- Andalucia day in Torremolinos the 28th of February: During this event there is a market for Andalusian products from 10am to 9pm at Costa del Sol square with gastronomic and handmade products.
Live music and typical dancing for everyone, an event not to miss if you are in Torremolinos.

March / April

- Easter in Torremolinos with many traditional processions and celebrated by the end of March or begining of April. Exact date can change from one year to the next.

- The Verdiales Day with variable date is celebrated around the hermitage of San Miguel, in Pinar de Los Manantiales; a day dedicated to the tradition of singing, music and dance of the Malaga region, as well as local cuisine.

- Fashion weekend in Torremolinos is celebrated at Nogalera Square with a fashion show with latest trends brough by shops signed to this event. It use to be celebrated for the Autumn, Ainter season and in April for the Spring and Summer season.

- St. Patrick's day in Torremolinos at Nogalera Square between 12am and 6pm the saturday 18th with live music, dancing, food and Irish beer. Visit our post about St. Patrick's Day for more information.

April / May

- International day of the Foreign Resident, with variable date, is celebrated in the Plaza de la Nogalera. Torremolinos is one of the municipalities in the world where more nationalities reside permanently; this day is a tribute to them. It happens during the first weekend on April.

- Koningsdag or King's Day in Torremolinos, an important Dutch celebration that takes place on Friday 27th April. During the Dutch day La Carihuela will be dressed in orange in a great cultural and gastronomic event.


The May Crosses in Torremolinos are celebrated very actively, placing altars and crosses of flowers adorned with manila shawls, pottery, copper and decorative plants. This is usually accompanied by a stunning Flamenco dance program from the early hours.


The Fried Fish Day is held the first Thursday in June at the popular La Carihuela fishing district, where bars and restaurants in the streets near the sea promenade are offering free fried fish. This event, which is also accompanied by musical performances, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

- Festival de las Culturas: From the 15th of June until the Sunday 18th at Plaza de la Nogalera, there will be perfomances, typical gastronomy and handcrafts from 15 different countries.

On Midsummer night, June 23, take place the traditional bonfires of San Juan on the beaches of the Costa del Sol for the celebration of the incoming summer solstice; in Torremolinos are very popular the beaches of the neighborhoods San Juan and Catarranzas where come together thousands of people, families and friends to celebrate until the wee hours of the night. The main bonfire this year will be at Plaza del Remo.

- Montemar fair is on the last Sunday from 10 pm hours in June at the sports ground in Montemar Alto, next to train stop. The duration of the fair is 3 days with live music, performances and children attractions.


- ‘Birra & Art’ beerfest in Torremolinos from June 30 to July 2 at Plaza de la Costa del Sol. National and international artesanal beers, live music every day, Brewery workshop. The event is daily from 12 am. to 1 am.

- Black Music Live on 1st of July is a new event celebrated at La Nogalera Square.

- Los Alamos fair is the 8th of July.

- Los Alamos Beach Festival is the 14th, 15th and 16th of July. (Closed and moved to Estepona because complaints from neighbourwood)

- The Feria del Carmen, from 14th until July the 16th is celebrated in Torremolinos in the fishermen´s district of La Carihuela with the traditional sea procession. The Fishermen pay tribute to their patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen, where the image of the Virgin is placed in a boat to bless the waters, accompanied by dozens of boats. In the Plaza del Remo is also installed an amusement park and there are dance orchestras and choirs.

Torroles sound and live pop and rock concerts the 22th of July at La Nogalera Square.

Festival Food Trucks at Plaza de la Nogalera from the 27th of July until the 30th.

July /August

During the summer takes place on the beaches of Torremolinos the popular Summer Cinema with films for the whole family.


For over twenty years takes place in Torremolinos in August the traditional Flamenco Festival, one of the oldest in the province featuring each year prominent figures of Flamenco.

Mad Bear Festival from 9th to 16th of August is one of the most important gay bear festivals in Europe. You will find it in the pubs surrounding La Nogalera Square.

Torroles sound musical event will be the 12th and 26th of August.


The Tourist Day takes places the first Thursday in September, in homage to tourists who have been visiting this pioneer town of tourism on the Costa del Sol since the 50's. In downtown and the beaches of Bajondillo, La Carihuela and Playamar take place folk performances and samples of gastronomy.

The San Miguel Fair, around September 29 until October 2, takes place during the day downtown and at night at the fairgrounds with music, dance, food and fun until dawn. The day Fair begins in the historic centre with free pork stew. A few days before these festivities is celebrated the popular pilgrimage of San Miguel, where numerous adorned carts drawn by oxen peregrinate to the chapel in Los Pinares de los Manantiales, in a colorful and joyful atmosphere.


Columbus day in Torremolinos in Spanish called 'día de la Hispanidad' is a national festivity with military parades and the municipal music band from 11am in Torremolinos center.

Oktoberfest in Torremolinos, from the third Thursday of the month until the Sunday. Also called the German beer's festival, there will be not only german beer but from all the world and some typical German gastronomy.
Nogalera square will have a children area where they will learn to cook the typical Christmas German cookies.
The opening time is from 12am to late at night.

Diwali Festival or Festival of Lights in Torremolinos for the celebration of the Hindu New Year at Plaza de la Nogalera on the last Saturday in October. Typical food and drinks are available at reasonable prices, cultural events such as dance and henna tattoos, handicrafts for children, craft market and other activities.

October / November

Halloween is celebrated in Torremolinos with the usual cheery and liberal atmosphere of this town with a very high density of discos, clubs and bars offering themed parties with decorations and contests for the best costumes for a terribly funny night.


Christmas markets in Torremolinos, traditional stands will be present in this municipality from November the 2nd. (near train station)

Inauguration of a traditional nativity scene in Torremolinos townhall at 7pm in November the 2nd.

Switching on of Christmas lighting in Torremolinos in November the 2nd at 8pm.


Christmas in Torremolinos: During the month of December there are many activities in the city, with cribs, contests and the New Year's Eve Party at the Municipal Auditorium, music, dance and free bags of grapes (a typical tradition: one has to swallow 12 grapes before the clock strikes 12 in order to have good luck next year). There are also a huge number of New Year parties in clubs and hotels in the area.

Other important holidays in Malaga

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