Seafood Fair in Puerto Marina Benalmadena in 2023

Seafood Fair in Benalmadena, 2018Whoever’s mouth waters with this image, should approach the Seafood Fair that takes place in Puerto Marina in Benalmadena from 28 of April to 1th of May.

Visitors can sample from 12 a.m. on Friday rations of all kinds of fresh seafood at the new edition of this fair.

From 28th of April to 1th of May in 2023.

Seafood lovers can enjoy a variety of products without leaving the site.

During four days visitors can taste the best seafood. There are shrimps, scallops, grilled prawns, mussels, clams and many more from a total of 20 varieties of seafood offered by the restaurants participating in this event.


Seafood Fair prices

Prices below are from 2018 and are not yet updated:

  • Drink: 1.50€
  • Shrimps: 7€ (Price rise 1€ since 2017)
  • Mussels: 3€
  • Rice: 5€
  • Clams: 6€
  • Thin Shell: 1.5€ each


Weather for this weekend in Benalmadena

End of April and begining of May in Malaga use to be sunny and with mild temperatures around 20ºC. Because of the proximity to the beach it is a good idea to bring a swimsuit in case you want to try the water temperature.

In 2017 the weather was cloudy and with a light rain forecast, nothing to worry in case this happen again as they were prepared with tents to protect the Seafood Fair and the visitors from the rain.

Well I know a little of rain or clouds will not stop seafood lovers, so enjoy the fair.

Transfers from the airport

Visiting Puerto Marina Seafood Fair

Puerto Marina in Benalmadena is one of the most original and beautiful marinas in the world. Awarded several times for its unusual architectural design with artificial islands and a mixture of Indian, Arab and Andalusian styles.

In addition to the seafood fair you can find a commercial area with shops, restaurants and coffee-shops.

Seafood Fair is open to the public from 12:00 a.m.

Find below a video of a past edition:

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