Estepona Fair and San Isidro Festivities – May & July in 2022

Estepona Fair takes place every year at the beginning of July, while the festivities of San Isidro are usually held during the first fortnight of May.

Estepona Main Fair from 5 to 10 July

The week-long festival consists of a day Fair and a night Fair with many colourful activities and festive fervour. The city is filled with music, dance, folklore and street performances.

In the streets you can witness large numbers of horse-drawn carriages and horsemen, while locals are flaunting their colourful outfits. It’s a week full of joy. A large number of the population is taking these days off to be able to fully turn over to the Fair.

Both day and night, residents and visitors do everything possible to enjoy the week to the fullest. During the day they usually visit different parts of the city, meet with friends in cafés, clubs and bars, while at night the open fairground attracts thousands of visitors with its typical booths and fair attractions.

The annual Fair in Estepona is also the best time to taste samples of the best traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Fair Program (Pending update)

The programme begins the night before the first day of the Fair with the inauguration of the Fairgrounds and the Attractions Park at midnight.

Every day there are events, concerts and activities for all ages until midnight or 1am.

The last day of the fair closes with fireworks at midnight from La Rada beach.

Estepona Fair
The following programme is based on past events so you can consider it a preview of what to expect.


  • 7 pm: Parade through the city centre announcing the opening of the Fair.
  • 9pm: Coronation of the Queen of the Fair and the Child Ladies. Then there is a big fireworks show.
  • Midnight: Official opening of the Estepona Fair and the mechanical attractions.
  • 0.30: Orchestra performance in the Municipal Booth.


The Wednesday is the day of fair dedicated to children, being the children’s day the attractions have a 50% discount.

  • 12.30 pm: Start of the daytime fair at the Fairgrounds.
  • 6.30 pm: Children’s party at the municipal stand.
  • 9.30 pm: Dance performance.
  • 10.30 pm: Dance in the municipal stand with orchestra.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • 12.30 pm: Beginning of the daytime fair at the Fairgrounds.
  • 6.30 pm: Parties, performances at the Municipal Stand or parades at the Exhibition Centre on Saturday.
  • 9.30 pm: Scheduled performances
  • 10.30 pm: Dance and orchestra in the Municipal Stand.
  • 0.30: Performances with free admission.

Sunday and last day of Fair in Estepona

  • 12.30 pm: Beginning of the daytime fair at the Fairgrounds.
  • 7.30 pm: Bullfighting.
  • 9.30 pm: Scheduled performances.
  • 10.30 pm: Dance and orchestra in the Municipal Stand.

Festival of San Isidro from 10 to 15 May

The festivities of San Isidro take place during the first fortnight of May with a traditional pilgrimage to the park of Los Pedregales (the Saturday before the beginning of the Fair). The park is open from 10.00 am to 11.30 pm and has a programme of activities and shows.

  • Contest of carriages
  • Verdiales Bands
  • Live music and dancing

During these Fair days, don’t forget to try the traditional “Sopa Campera”, a typical local dish made with tomatoes, bread, onions and peppers.

At the Fairgrounds you can enjoy music, equestrian shows, exhibitions and many activities during the fair week.

The last night of the Fair closes with a show of fireworks during midnight at the Fairgrounds.

Transfers from the airport

Fair Program (Pending update)

In the program of this year’s Fair we highlight a number of events:

Friday 10 May

  • 7.00 pm – Horseback riding through the streets of Estepona…
  • 10.00 pm – Inauguration of the Attractions Park.
  • 11.00 pm – Dancing with orchestra.

Saturday 11 May

  • 11.00 to midday – Contests with horses.
  • 12.30 pm – Goat cheese workshop.
  • 3.30 pm – Music Dj.
  • 9.30 pm – Performance by the dance group “La Milana”.

Sunday 12 May

  • 10.30 am – Estepona Wine Competition
  • Noon – Bread-making workshop.
  • 1.30 pm – Skill with axe competition.
  • 6 pm – Children’s party in the Official Booth with many activities.
  • 9.30 pm – Dance Academy performance.

Monday 13 May

  • 11.00 am – Cheese Workshop.
  • 2.13 pm – Free country soup in the Official Stand.
  • 5 pm – Children’s Day with half-price attractions.

Tuesday 14 May

  • 11.00 am – Cheese Workshop
  • 5.00 pm – Exhibition of esparto crafts.
  • 6 pm – Snack for the elderly.
  • 9 pm – Dance Academy performance.
  • Midnight – Fireworks.

Wednesday 15 May

  • 1.00 pm – Verdiales dancing performance.
  • 2.00 pm – Visit of Altars and prize to the best decoration.
  • 6.00 pm – Procession from the Parish of San José.
  • 9.00 pm – Music in the Official Booth.
  • 11.00 pm – Award ceremonies.
  • Midnight – Fireworks show.

More information about Fairs and Festivals

More information about Fairs and festivals in Estepona can be found at the official website:

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