A fantastic weekend in Malaga with activities for 25 Euros

We are sharing the experience of a reader of the blog who spent a weekend in Malaga at a very good price. Do you want to know everything she could do for only 25 euros?

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You cannot put a price to the pleasure of having a drink outdoors in the sun and enjoy life.


Weekend experience in Malaga for 25 euros

Last weekend we took advantage of the good weather to get a little bit away from the Costa del Sol and discover the mountain ranges of Mijas.

cheap trip

Saturday in Mijas with 8 euros

The white village of Mijas is situated only 9 km from Fuengirola, about 400 metres over sea level in the homonymous mountains. We went several friends by car (we recommend to rent a car in Malaga as the price is very cheap for a week) and arrived there in an instant on a steep road lined by blossoming almond trees and Mimosas.

The village of Mijas is currently dedicated to tourism and has known well how to take advantage of its good location near the busy Costa del Sol. Even in winter there is a high number of tourists visiting the village and enjoying the views and the good food in one of the many terraces in the sun. Despite the tourist bustle there are quiet and charming corners. But we left the village behind and kept driving further up the road.

Viewpoint in Mijas
The Paseo de La Muralla is one of the recommended areas to visit in Mijas.

At the height of a small veranda overlooking the village and the distant sea, starts a path to several routes through the Sierra de Mijas of varying difficulty and length. There is a quite easy route of two hours duration (round trip) on the southern slope of the mountain. This path is ideal during the winter months; from where you can enjoy wonderful views across the coastline and the mountains.

Heading back we stopped in Mijas and had some beers and tapas (snacks); enjoying the coming and going of locals and tourists from the shadow of a cozy bar.

Price of the excursion: 8 Euros, Tapa included!

Sunday in Torremolinos and return to home for 17€

The next day we went to the municipal indoor pool in Torremolinos, a very good installation with an Olympic pool and water jets. Wellbeing for 7 Euros!

Transfers from the airport
Fried calamari in Fuengirola
Calamari dish in Fuengirola

Driving back to Fuengirola, we decided to give us a treat and have some fish and chips at the sea promenade. Price of the dish with half a pint: 10 Euros.

Resume of the weekend in Malaga experience

Satisfied with my great weekend I did the accounts to see what the price of so much wellbeing was. I was happier still: 25 Euros in total.

It was a very good experience of how one can also enjoy as well with a tighter budget. And as they say: The best things in life are free.

You cannot put a price to the pleasure of having a drink outdoors in the sun and enjoy life.

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