The popular feast of Chestnut Roast in Marbella, Nov. 1

During the last weekend in October and November 1 takes place a classical tradition in Marbella and the villages of the Genal Valley and Serrania de Ronda: The Chestnut Roast (Tostón).


This ancient custom in Malaga, less popular than Halloween,  is a lively excursion to the countryside with loved ones and friends. A moment to spend an animated evening among roasted chestnuts typical of the region, Anise, stories and laughter. In fact, these dates are so deeply rooted in the villages of Marbella that All Saints Day is known here as the Day of Tostón.

This special day is usually celebrated the first Sunday after the 1st of November.

Where is the feast of Chestnut Roast?

The beautiful villages in the mountains of Marbella, Genal Valley and the Serrania de Ronda where we can enjoy these unique evenings until the wee hours of the morning are for example Ojen, Pujera and Casares.

The locals of those villages move to the countryside with tents and barbecues, and a good amount of roasting chestnuts, anise and rum and celebrate in their own way a tribute to the fruits of autumn.

Other towns in the region that might celebrate this singular festival are Benalauria, Competa, Igualeja, Istán, Jimera de Libar, Marbella, Torrox and Ronda.

Popular Tostón in Ojén

Ojén attracts a multitude of visitors and curious people during the Day of the Tostón. It has been celebrated for over 25 years, with roasted chestnuts and local liquor.

The day starts at 9.30 am with hiking activities to explore the natural landscapes of Ojén, undoubtedly worthwhile.

At 10.00 am you will find at the Plaza de Andalucía the stalls. There are plenty of popular roasted chestnuts, raisins, aguardiente; even chorizo and grilled bacon.

You will also find local craft products, from oils and decorative products.

If you are visiting Ojén, you can easily get there by road from Marbella. I leave you a link to the map:

Remember this festivity is the first Sunday after Halloween, or the first Sunday after the first in November.

Transfers from the airport

Activities during Tostón Day

If you are in Marbella or near at this time it is worth paying a visit to Ojen. After the first autumn rains in the province of Malaga the forests are gleaming and the atmosphere is very clean, inviting for walks in the countryside and to enjoy the white villages of Malaga.

Forecasts for the last weekend in October in Malaga are around 18º C (64º F), with cloudy intervals on Thursday and Friday.

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