Innova Park in Benalmadena, a new space for urban culture

Very close to the popular Parque de la Paloma (Paloma Park) in Benalmadena has been created Innova Park, a new space for urban culture. In an area of 11,000 m2 with green areas are located several facilities dedicated primarily to the youth of the municipality, with outdoor activities, and a Youth Auditorium.

Innova Park in Benalmadena

The outdoor facilities include a Skate & Bike Park of 2,100 m2, a climbing wall with different levels of difficulty and a wall for graffiti. The Youth Auditorium is a cultural meeting place for theater, concerts and other initiatives of urban culture.

This new youth park model is a space where young people have the possibility of urban outdoors sports and artistic, musical and cultural movements. Innova Park is located in the centre of Benalmádena and close to the Municipal Library, the fairgrounds and sports facilities of the Ice skating Club.

Innova Park in Benalmadena map

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