Botanical Park Orchidarium in Estepona – The largest flower in the world

This botanical park in Estepona is the perfect place to spend a day surrounded by many plant species. In total there are more than 8000 species, of which more than 1300 are orchids.

Residents of Estepona have 2 free entrances per year while visitors must pay 3€.

The area is a modern space with even a 17 meters height waterfall, it simulates to a certain extent the original habitat of the orchids.

There are different areas for different species of America and Asia. You will find also a vertical garden where plants climb and form figures in a natural way.



The largest flower in the world is in Estepona

giant-corpse-flowerThis plant native to Sumatra in Indonesia is known as ‘the corpse flower’ (Amorphophallus titanum), due to the nauseating odour when it blooms, similar to rotting meat. It is also known as the largest flower in the world, there are specimens that can reach up almost 3 meters in height.

The plant uses the odour to attract insects for spreading the pollen. It usually blooms only a few times over the 40 years it lives and each bloom lasts less than 3 days.

The first time a flower of this species blooms in Spain has been in the Botanic Garden of Estepona.

Want to visit the Orchidarium in Estepona? Let’s see where is it, the opening times and the price.

Transfers from the airport

How to get there, opening times and prices

The prices for accessing the Botanic Garden of Estepona are as follows:

  • Adults: 3€
  • Children aged between 4 and 11 years: 1€
  • Children under 4 years have free admission.

Opening time is from 9:30am to 6pm from Tuesday to Saturday, on Sunday it closes during the afternoon.

For getting there take the Mediterranean motorway towards Algeciras and the exit to Estepona.  Check the following map for exact location and reviews from visitors:

For more information about this and other activities in Estepona you can visit our attractions guide.

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3 thoughts on “Botanical Park Orchidarium in Estepona – The largest flower in the world”

  1. We plan to take a coach load of pensioners to visit the Orchid park in March.
    Will there be a lot of plants in bloom?
    Are there restaurants and bars close by? – clients have mobility issues.
    Is is easy to walk around – no steep slopes or stairs?
    Are their disabled toilet facilities?
    Can the coach park close by?

    1. Hello,
      As I know the Spring is the best season to visit, which is from 20 March but they work to keep high the number of plants in bloom during all the year.
      There are bars and restaurants around and the pedestrian area is accessible with a wheelchair. A restaurant with good reviews is “Meson El Tajo”, approximately 60 meters from the park.
      There are stairs and a slope for accessing the Orchid Park which consists in two floors.
      Coach will be able to stop by the park, but parking depends on the luck; I guess in March yes.
      I asked them about your request of information regarding accessibility, will get back here once they answer.

  2. Oh wow I had no idea that was so there. That is only 20 minutes away from Sotogrande so definitely going on the bucket list. Thank you for sharing, Raúl.

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