Marbella Art Fair – Contemporary Art Fair on the Costa del Sol in 2019

The Marbella Art Fair has galleries with artists from different countries, Spain as well as Portugal, China, Canada, Sweden, Uruguay, United States, Austria, Argentina, Mexico, Slovakia and Switzerland among others.

The success of an art gallery in summer is not an easy task, this Art Fair in Marbella repeats again this year.

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What is the Marbella Art Fair?

The Marbella Art Fair is the largest contemporary art exhibition on the Costa del Sol. This event attracts both collectors and artists in an enriching encounter.

This annual exhibition aims to become a mandatory stop on the international cultural calendar. Undoubtedly a good opportunity for artists; Marbella is the temporary residence of many collectors with a high purchasing power and a popular destination among the famous.

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How much does it cost and how to get there?

The entrance fee is 8 euros and the timetable is from 6pm to 10.30pm. However you can check for further information at the official website.

It is located in the Trade Fairs, Congresses and Exhibitions Palace in Marbella.

What can we find?

We will find the work of many artists, especially works of art from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

The space will have different galleries and works by both national and international artists.

To read more about this event and all the artists who are coming to Marbella this year, visit the the following website:

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