Sierra Nevada in autumn

Visiting Sierra Nevada in autumn is not expensive at all, now we can find very cheap flights to Malaga. These low prices in autumn on flights, hotels and car rental allow us to know some places in the province of Granada, located just 90 minutes from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Autumn in Sierra Nevada

Now in October and November, shortly before the start of the ski season  is an ideal time to enjoy the attractions of Granada without being the weather too cold.

Visiting Granada in October and November

Alhambra Granada

Transfers from the airport

If you want to convince anyone coming with you, the cheap flight is a perfect excuse to spend some time in Malaga and Granada, It is a perfect opportunity to know more of these cities which are so different from each other:

  •  Malaga, ancient port city that opens to the Mediterranean, with the charm and joy that characterizes the coastal cities.Autumn is definitely a good season to visit the province without  feeling too hot.
  • Granada, where lingers its Arab heritage in every corner and its monuments, with the magnificent Sierra Nevada in the background. You can enjoy a city break, visit the Alhambra or simply enjoy the environment.

For the more adventurous there are many opportunities to enjoy Sierra Nevada and practice outdoor or adventure sports and thus combine sightseeing with exercise. Some examples of activities in  Sierra Nevada are canyoning and mountaineering. You can simply enjoy hiking in one of the highest peaks of the peninsula, as the highest road in Europe rises to almost 2,500 metres.

There is parking in Pradollano, the skiing resort in the Sierra Nevada, where the National Park provides buses for those who prefer to climb the last stretch more easily, without missing the spectacular views where on clear days we can even see the Rif Mountains in Morocco.

Do not miss it

It is a unique excursion, at a short distance from Granada and Malaga, which allows us to glimpse a great nature and extraordinary high mountain environment at only 120 km from Malaga airport and definitely a place you should not miss.

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