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RenfeThe commuter train line of Malaga has its origins at the beginning of the 20th century.

Today the suburban line C-1 runs just over 31 kilometres along the western Costa del Sol linking the cities Malaga and Fuengirola along 18 stations in the municipalities of Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

Announcements of stops are made in English and in Spanish.

Latest news

The suburban train station in the city of Malaga offers free WIFI to passengers for half an hour, plenty of time for those waiting for the next train. This measure will be very appreciated by the large number of tourists who do not have national coverage so they can use Internet while waiting at the station.

Ticket prices

The price of a suburban train ticket in Malaga corresponds to the number of zones that you are journeying:

- First two zones: 1.80 Euros

- 3 Zones: 2.05 Euros

- 4 Zones: 2.70 Euros

- 5 Zones: 3.60 Euros

The train ticket can usually be purchased at a vending machine; in the event that the machine does not work or you don´t have a 20 Euros note or less the sum must be paid directly to the reviewer with a small extra charge.

There is the possibility of pursuing season tickets if you use the commuter train line often.


* This is the current price as for today which may vary.

Discounts and tickets

There is the possibility of pursuing a season card if you use the commuter train line often. You are required to register in advance and the card will take 1 week to be available.

You can also buy a 10 trips ticket from the vendor machine. This ticket is valid for the commuter train for a month since the buying day. It is cheaper if you plan to make 10 trips and can be shared on the same trip by several people.

Prices for this 10 trips ticket are the following:

1-2 zones: 11.95€, 3 zones: 13.85€, 4 zones: 18.70€, 5 zones: 25,05€

*Note: Because this ticket is confusing for many I will give an example below.
If for example 5 people make a round trip for 3 zones, the price for this ticket would be 13.85€ instead 20.05€ when buying a single one for each, much cheaper.


commuter train line map

Train stations in Malaga

The commuter lines C-1 and C-2 share the first 3 stations of the route:

Station Malaga centre– Alameda (Zone 0)

The start of the line and the closest stop to the centre of Malaga, shopping centres, Port of Malaga and shopping areas.

Train Station Malaga Maria Zambrano (Zone 0)

This stop connects to the main railway station in Malaga María Zambrano with middle-long distance trains, AVE high-speed train and access to Malaga subway.

Station Victoria Kent (Zone 1)

This train station occupies the former San Andres stop since 2009 and where stops in addition to the commuter train a daily train to Ronda.

Route of the commuter train C-1

The frequency of trains is 20 minutes in a timely manner. We detail below the stations and train stops of the suburban train of Malaga in order from Malaga centre to Fuengirola:

Station Malaga Centre – Alameda (Zone 0)
Station Maria Zambrano (Zone 0)
Station Victoria Kent (Zone 1)

Stop Guadalhorce (Zone 1)

The train stop is within the Guadalhorce Industrial Estate where is also situated the Malaga Nostrum shopping centre.

Station Malaga Airport (Zone 1)

Underground stop ready to receive high-speed trains (expected after the development of a railway line linking the main towns of the Costa del Sol with Cadiz)

Check our guide about Malaga airport trains for more information.

Stop Plaza Mayor (Zone 2)

The train stop Plaza Mayor is of recent construction and is located next to the mall of the same name.

Area of Torremolinos

Stop Los Alamos (Zone 2)

This stop is situated in the urbanization of Los Alamos in the municipality of Torremolinos.

Stop La Colina (Zone 2)

Located just minutes from Los Alamos, close to the urbanization of the same name.

Station Torremolinos (Zone 2)

Underground station with trains every 20 minutes to Malaga (estimated time 26 minutes) and Fuengirola (estimated time of arrival 23 minutes)

Near the station is situated the busy Calle San Miguel, filled with shops of all kinds and extending to Playamar on the beach.

From the bus station of Torremolinos you can connect with different municipalities as Marbella, Mijas or Churriana.

Stop Montemar Alto (Zone 2)

This stop is situated in the urbanization of Montemar, near the Carrefour shopping centre and the Park Parque de la Bateria.

Stop El Pinillo (Zone 2)

This stop is situated in the urbanization of the same name in the municipality of Torremolinos.

Area of Benalmadena

Station Arroyo de la Miel – Benalmadena (Zone 3)

This train station is located in the district of Arroyo de la Miel and it’s a station below ground level which is accessible by elevator or stairs.

Near the station is are situated the Park Parque de la Paloma, the Benalmadena cable car, the amusement park Tivoli World and Plaza de la Mezquita, a good place for a drink.

The station is connected by bus with Benalmadena, Mijas and Torremolinos.

Stop Torremuelle (Zone 3)

Located in the urbanization of the same name in the municipality of Benalmadena.

Area of Fuengirola

Stop Carvajal (Zone 3)

Located in the urbanization of the same name in the municipality of Fuengirola. Carvajal is a quiet area frequented by tourists looking to spend a nice day at the beach.

Stop Torreblanca (Zone 3)

In the urbanization Torreblanca is situated this train stop in the town of Fuengirola.

Stop Los Boliches (Zon4 4)

Train stop located above the ground in Los Boliches, Fuengirola. Access to the platform is on the side across an overpass on the road.

Station Fuengirola (Zona 4)

Although its extension is planned to Estepona, currently it is the last stop of the suburban line C-1.

Route of the commuter train C-2

The frequency of trains on this line is about every hour.

The commuter line C-2 shares the first three train stations with line C-1.

Station Malaga Centre – Alameda (Zone 0)
Station Maria Zambrano (Zone 0)
Station Victoria Kent (Zone 1)

Station Los Prados (Zone 1)

Active station since 1863 after the start of the train line between Malaga and Alora.

Station Campanillas (Zone 2)

Located on the same stretch of train line between Malaga and Cordoba, the station was inaugurated in 1863.

Station Cartama (Zone 2)

From the station Cartama you can take another middle-distance train between Malaga and Ronda.

Station Aljaima (Zone 3)

Within the municipality of Cartama is situated this train station.

Station Pizarra (Zone 3)

Through this station runs the middle-distance train that connects Malaga and Ronda.

Station Alora (Zona 4)

Prime destination for those wishing to visit the Caminito del Rey but remember that currently you have to make the reservation online.

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Curiosities of the commuter train line

Formerly there was a stretch parallel to the sea opened in 1908 linking Malaga with Velez-Malaga, which was unused in 1968 and of which still can be seen in the landscape some of its old stations; the project aimed to link Malaga and Almeria but never materialized. Another of the sections that ceased to exist was the one linking Malaga with Coin and was intended to link Malaga and Seville.

Suburban trains to Marbella, Estepona and Nerja

It is intended to expand the route from Fuengirola to Marbella and Estepona, reaching to connect with San Roque and Cadiz at the western end. On the eastern end it is intended until Nerja and perhaps connecting with Granada; still there are no concrete dates of the project.