Easy Gazpacho recipe for dummies

Gazpacho recipe ingredients
Gazpacho recipe ingredients

Gazpacho is a typical southern Spanish drink, especially indicated for the hot summer months. It is both very nourishing and refreshing; with the high temperatures in summer you might not feel like having a complete meal. So it´s great to have already some fresh Gazpacho prepared in the fridge. Let’s learn how to make it with this easy Gazpacho recipe!

What do I need for the Gazpacho recipe?

You need a blender, a high recipient, 4 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, some white bread, 1-2 cloves of garlic, salt, virgin olive oil, a little bit of vinegar and water.

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Peel the tomatoes and the cucumbers, cut up the bread (you can use bread from the day before, as it will add texture to the soap) ; add it all together with the garlic and some water into the recipient. Blend it until you have a liquid soup. Then add the rest of ingredients.

I recommend that you add the amount of garlic, olive oil and vinegar as for your personal liking. Some like it more or less sourc, but always add a good amount of olive oil.

Gazpacho is offered in many restaurants and beach bars as “Cold vegetable Soup“, which in my opinion sounds rather unattractive, but try it. You will not regret after your first try. You can combine this delicious fresh vegetable shake perfectly with anything, but personally I love it with fried fish, sitting in a beach bar in Malaga!

As personal note, the perfect ingredients for Gazpacho are in Malaga…tomatoes are not the same in Malaga than in the north of Spain, even less than in England…flavor is far different, the original and the best Gazpacho is made in Malaga.

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