Beat post-vacation blues and avoid depression after your holiday

During the holidays everything is perfect. Good weather and the beach in Malaga help you to relax and forget the routine. When the holidays are over, the well-known post-vacation blues may appear. Let’s see what it’s all about and how to avoid and beat it.

Post-vacation blues

Post-vacation blues can be a major or minor issue depending on how intense and long the vacation experience was.

¿What is the meaning of post-vacation blues?

Post-vacation blues is a mood that someone who comes home after a long trip might feel, usually after the holidays.

This syndrome is not experienced by everyone, but an important number of people can feel it after a sharp contrast between holidays and the return to routine.

Post-vacation blues can be a major or minor issue depending on how intense and long the vacation experience was. Jet lag can increase that feeling, which is often associated with crying after vacation, fatigue, boredom, nostalgia, anxiety or post-vacation depression in some cases.



5 ideas for avoiding or beating post-vacation blues

There are many ways to avoid suffering this dramatic emotional change after returning home from your holiday in Malaga. Some are more recommendable than others and it will depend exclusively on you taking one or another measure.

In any case, the sensation of postvacation blues lasts a few days, in the worst cases we can talk about weeks. You can also beat this feeling.

If you manage to make your day-to-day life attractive, you will not only avoid post-vacation blues but gain quality of life.

Avoid monotony for the rest of the year

If you live during the rest of the year in a less monotonous way you won’t notice that great contrast with the holidays. It can be difficult especially if you have a stressful job, although there are techniques to achieve it.

If you manage to make your day-to-day life attractive, you will not only avoid post-vacation blues but gain quality of life.

Joining the gym, going for a run, walking or reading among many other activities can help you live a less monotonous life. In short, a routine that is varied enough not to be boring and that contributes with something else after a hard working day.

Relive feelings with memories and souvenirs

In the living room you can share your memories and experiences with the family. Looking at souvenirs or photos taken during the holidays will help beating post-vacation blues.

Those photographs you took in Ronda, your first swim in the sea, that walk you loved so much… What is your favorite memory?

Strolling the sea shore

Share your trip on social networks

Although most people usually share their trip in real time, don’t forget to leave a lot of photos and experiences for sharing when you return.

Sharing your photos on social networks or helping those who are going to visit Malaga with your experiences is part of the ritual. You’ll feel as if your journey is not over yet.

Come back a couple of days in advance

It’s not a bad idea, actually, it’s something I usually do myself. Coming home a couple of days in advance and not planning to work just the day after your arrival. This will help in avoiding having post vacation anxiety.

Planning the next vacation

One thing that helps and is usually a fairly common practice is to plan your next vacation ahead of time. In addition to improving your mood, you’ll make sure you’ll have availability on all reservations you make.


Make a detailed plan of everything you would like to do the next visit will help beating your post-vacation blues.

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Something to remember when your vacation is over

Remember, your job is what allowed you to go on vacation. A lifetime of unlimited vacations even though it may sound very tempting is not desirable and would end up affecting you negatively.

If you really miss your visit to Malaga, why not coming back for a weekend? You could discover what this city is like during the winter, or see what other months can offer. There are numerous deals for weekend getaways throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to add that a distinction must be made between post-vacation blues and sadness at the end of the holiday. We all suffer from the latter and it’s normal.

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One thought on “Beat post-vacation blues and avoid depression after your holiday”

  1. It is fairly normal to feel low. I returned from a trip last week, I struggled a lot to adjust again. It normally does fade over a few weeks time as you adjust back to normal life but takes time. I watched so many tips online to avoid depression and blues. I really liked your Tips also and sharing one video that is also good The best tip here is to Prioritize your tasks. Once you get occupied with the work, you will stop thinking about the Holidays.

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