Marbella 4 Days Walking in October 2021 – Hiking and fun for all ages!

If you enjoy hiking and you fancy a trip to the golden autumn on the Costa del Sol, you are still in time to sign up for the Marbella 4 Days Walking event that takes place in and around Marbella in October 2021.

In 2020 it will be on 7, 8, 9 and 10 of October in 2021. You can subscribe from just one day.

Marbella 4 Days Walking 2019
In 2020 it takes place on October 8, 9, 20 and 11.

Due to the situation of the Covid-19 in Malaga, the event was suspended in 2020.


About Marbella 4 Days Walking

Marbella 4 Days Walking brought together in its first edition more than 600 walkers. This event is a copy of the famous sporting event in the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands; an event with almost 100 years of history and which each year attracts thousands of participants.

For the second edition of Marbella 4 Days Walking already registered some 1,200 people from many European countries. The event is designed for people of all ages and consists in walking for four consecutive days different routes around Marbella.

The month of October in Malaga is one of the best in the whole year, as you can enjoy both walks in the countryside and the beaches of Marbella located only a few meters from the city centre.

Facts about this event

For people who do not wish to take part every day it is also possible to register for individual days. Participants who complete all four routes will receive a medal at the boardwalk.

There will be water points, ambulances and lavatories on the route for it to be comfortable and safe.

At the end of the four days you can celebrate your achievements with other participants. There will be an event organised with music, drinks and Tapas.

Come and enjoy a few days in Marbella, its mountains and the beach. Combine sport and fun in a great climate under the blue sky.

This event is a combination of sports, environmental tourism, cultural tourism, hiking and partying. It intends to provide attendees the opportunity to meet another side of Marbella, beyond the usual summer topics of sun and beach.

Transfers from the airport

Many participants enjoyed meeting new people along the way and discover beautiful views and nature close to Marbella. Want to be part of it?

2018 Facts

  • Number of assistants: 2006
  • Women: 66% – Men: 34%
  • Main 5 nationalities: Holland, England, Spain, Belgium and Sweden.
  • Total nationalities: 22
  • Distance 20km: 1245 women / 614 men
  • Distance 30km: 84 women / 63 men
  • Birthdays celebrated: 23
  • Oldest: 83 years old woman / 81 years old man
  • Youngest: 12 years old girl / 9 years old boy

Hiking route for the Marbella 4 Walking Days

In 2019 the hiking route will start and finish at Plaza del Mar (map). There will be enough space for enjoying with live-music and with all the facilities needed.

You will need a mobile phone with GPS and Google maps or Strava app for using with the route and see the progress.

Routes will be 10 km, 20 and 30 km. The 10 km route is perfect for those with kids.

Information and registration at their official website:

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