International Piano Festival in Marbella – Information and concert times

All lovers of classical music can enjoy a few piano nights at the International Piano Festival in Marbella, called also the “Classic Summer”.

This event is organised by the municipal delegation of culture and is one of the main musical events in Marbella’s events calendar.

In 2019 it will take place during the month of September.


Piano Festival in Marbella

The Marbella Piano Festival also gives talented young pianists from Spain and other parts of the world the chance to showcase their talent. In its previous edition, the festival featured outstanding pianists from Taiwan and Venezuela.

The objective of this event is the promotion of talented pianists from all over the world, at the same time this event becomes another leisure option.

People of any age can enjoy exceptional hours of music by world-class artists in this town on the Costa del Sol.

During the festival there is a piano competition with two main categories, adults and young people.

Schedule and information for the adult category

The adult category is available to pianists up to the age of 35 who were born after August 31, 1983, regardless of their nationality. Winners of past editions cannot take part.

The event will take place at the Centro Cultural Hospital Real La Misericordia, Plaza Practicante Manuel Carros, Marbella.

  • 13 September at 8 pm: Inauguration.
  • 14 September: First piano round in the morning and afternoon.
  • 15 September: Semifinal.
  • 16 September at 5 pm: Final piano round.

The repertoire will include the work of a Spanish composer and the participants must play the piano by heart.

The prizes will be 5000 euros for first place, 2500 euros for second place and 1500 euros for third place.

Piano Festival Youth Category

Pianists of any nationality who are under 18 years of age and were born before 30 September 2000 can apply to this piano competition.

young boy playing piano

There are different subcategories depending on age: Under 10, 14 and 18.

  • 4 September: Opening Ceremony
  • 5 September: Centro Cultural Hospital Real La Misericordia – Hospitalillo, Plaza Practicante Manuel Carros, Marbella.
  • 6 September: Ciudad de Marbella Theatre, Plaza de Ramon Martinez, 3. Marbella.

Works must include at least one Baroque piece, a classical piece dating from 1730 to 1799 and one by a Spanish composer.

As in the category of adults, the works must be played from memory without the aid of partitures.

The prizes include a schooling for courses, medals, diplomas or cash prizes of up to 300 euros for the first prize.

Transfers from the airport

Prices and other information

The following information is from past editions, so it may vary slightly.

One-day tickets cost 25 Euros, while the 3-day festival pass is 60 Euros.

You can buy the tickets at FNAC at La Cañada Shopping Centre in Marbella.

For more information or to apply to the competition you can visit the official website of the event:

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