Beaches in Malaga with service for disabled bathers

disabled beach signalMalaga beaches have been pioneers in offering the possibility to take a refreshing dip to disabled persons or with reduced mobility, with a large easy-access device and monitor attendance. Thus not only disabled but also blind and deaf can enjoy a swim and a certain degree of autonomy, thus increasing their wellbeing.

There are seven adapted beaches on the coast of the capital of the Costa del Sol. The beaches El Dedo and La Misericordia offer assisted bathing; there are all kinds of devices to accompany people to the sea; there are also instructors specialized in sign language. This service is available until September 14 daily from 12 to 7 pm.

On the beaches Guadalmar, San Andres, La Malagueta, Pedregalejo and El Palo there are points of autonomous bath, with access to waterfront; these points are attended by rescue personnel to facilitate the free use of amphibious chairs and crutches to bathers who request them. At these beaches there are also reserved car parks for disabled and adapted toilets, showers and playground.

Malaga is also one of the few coastal towns in Spain with a service for the blind consisting of a small acoustic device like a clock, informing the person on water depth and distance to the shore.

All this joins the already existing offer on the coast of Malaga, with ample additional service such as barbecue areas, beach volleyball areas and sports, playgrounds and green areas. There are also collection points for cigarettes to keep the sand clean. Therefore, four beaches of Malaga were awarded this year with “Q” for quality: La Misericordia, El Palo, Pedregalejo and El Dedo.

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