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Things to do in Malaga

On the following pages you will find Restaurants, Cinemas, tourist attractions , Bars and Nightclubs. All listings are in alphabetical order and do not reflect any preferences. This information changes on a regular basis, therefore we suggest you visit frequently to keep updated, there are many things to do in Malaga for your holidays.

Fair in Malaga

Malaga and the Costa del Sol provide a wide range of choices for entertainment. Catering for the young and old, families, couples and single people. The types and styles of establishments and options also depends on location. With certain areas catering for young people looking to party the night away and others providing for families. Benalmadena's Puerto Marina for example is very much a family and couples location during the day with a Sea Life centre, shopping mall, marina and restaurants. At midnight the area transforms into one of the trendiest spots on the Costa with clubs and bars open 'till dawn. The description provided with each establishment is designed to act as a guide.

In relation to its capital Malaga, the Costa del Sol can be divided into the eastern coast and the western coast, where are situated all the major tourist resorts. On Malaga´s east coast and close to the province of Granada is situated the charming and less busy town of Nerja with its famous caves. Annually in summer are held music and dance festivals in the Nerja Caves which are unforgettable for their set up and acoustics.

Heading west to Malaga city and the main resorts of the Costa del Sol, you will find innumerable options of entertainment depending on your personal taste. Generally, the offer is ranging from Museums, Art and Sightseeing to local and international Spanish cuisine, Nightlife, Water- and Outdoor sports, Golf, Shopping, Wellness, excursions  to the White Villages and the interior.

Malaga city is a very lively and culturally rich city, overlooked by an old Moorish castle, which is as worth a visit as well it´s many Museums, of which is outstanding the Picasso Museum. Close by the Marina the city park invites for a stroll in the cool shade of its tropic trees. Malaga has two theaters and offers a wide range of Expositions, Music and Concerts, Cafés, Tapas Bars and Restaurants. The nightlife in Malaga city is quite famous and shows the inherent joy for life of the locals. Malaga is a lively city throughout the year and always worth a visit. Malaga is one of the major destinations for cruise ships and counts with excellent port facilities, being the second most important port for cruise ships in Spain.

The main resorts along the Costa del Sol, such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona are mainly focused on summer tourism.

Benalmadena Marina, being the largest marina along the Costa del Sol and with magnificent installations, has received over the years several awards such as the  "The World´s Best Marina". Close by to the marina is situated the Parque de la Paloma, a park in a nice set up with a great amount of Flora and Fauna, which is enjoyed by both locals and foreigners. Last not least is situated in Benalmadena one of the two Casinos along the Costa del Sol, in the only five star hotel in the area, the Hotel Torrequebrada.

Casino Torrequebrada

The infrastructure along the Costa del Sol and Malaga Airport is very well developed and there are both a motorway and a highway to bring you swiftly to your destination.

All the resorts have a wide offer of leisure time activities, installations and environments for a great holiday under the sun.

Marbella and Puerto Banus have a somewhat exceptional and outstanding character and are thus focused on exclusive Tourism. Marbella city itself has several Museum, Libraries, Cinemas and Theaters, but the emphasis lies on luxurious leisure time and so can be found an extensive range of sumptuous locations for shopping, eating out and amusement. Marbella is

Known for its excellent Golf Courses and has a great offer of five star Hotels with fantastic Spas, for perfect wellbeing. In the Hotel Andalucia Plaza is situated the Casino in Marbella.

Although the main touristic interest is centered on the beach line resorts, the province of Malaga has many more yet undiscovered treasures to offer.

The province of Malaga has a total of 5 Natural Parks of unique beauty, which are in a short driving distance from the bustling resorts along the Costa del Sol. Here you can encounter the charm of rural Andalusia and the stunning beauty of an untouched nature.

If you don´t feel like long trips, there are many interesting places to visit only one hour by car. For example, El Chorro, a lake of volcanic origin with clear turquoise waters, surrounded by rocks and coniferous forests. Here you can fish and barbecue. Or discover the white villages of Moorish origin (Mijas, Casares) in the mountains and the ancient city of Ronda with its stunning gorges.

You can book excursions by bus to the historic and charming cities of Seville, Granada or Córdoba. In Granada´s Sierra Nevada are available many skiing slopes during the winter months and you can actually ski in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon.

Beside all the possibilities offered by the city center, Malaga is notable for its many traditional festivals, including the Malaga Fair (Feria de Málaga), located at the fair area in mid-August, the Andalusia's day (Día de Andalucía) (the 28th of February) which is celebrated with toasted bread with oil and commemorative events visited for thousands of Andalusian people, the famous Carnival, usually held in late February or early March, in which people dresses and congregate all along the city lanes, and Easter (Semana Santa), an unique week all over Andalusia, desired and expected by tourists and natives.

Espeto de Sardinas

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