Virgen del Carmen – Maritime processions along the Costa del Sol on July 16th

In mid-July you can enjoy along the coastal municipalities of Málaga a beautiful and exciting spectacle: The seafaring processions of the fishermen in honor of their saint, the Virgen del Carmen, on July 16.

Who is visiting the Costa del Sol at this time should not miss this colorful and heartwarming event which is very special. The processions in general have a large religious tradition in Andalucia and usually have their peak in the processions of Holy Week at Easter.

The procession of the Virgin of Carmen stands out for its special beauty. The figures can have even real size and are made of polychromed wood and decorated with great care. First, the statue is carried through the streets of the towns where it is accompanied by many devotees, but the big spectacle takes place on the beach, where the Virgin is carried into the sea.

At dusk, when the coast is bathed in a soft light, the Virgin is taken into the sea among cheers, thousands of flowers, candles, fireworks and many decorated boats and hundreds of spectators on the beach.

Although the processions always have a religious background, however they differ in Malaga for the fun and cheerful character of its inhabitants that give this type of event a singular note of popular festival; and certainly it is a pretty fun experience to mingle with people and enjoy this special evening at the beaches of Malaga!

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