Visit Seville in April and May – Weather, activities, fairs and other events

April and May in Seville come along with spring, those are ideal months to enjoy the green spaces. In addition, visiting Seville in April or May provides many other activities in combination with a mild climate that is usual during these months. Want to know more about Spring in Seville?

Visit Seville in April

The month of April in Seville is a month of transition, spring is making its way to summer. The temperatures are pleasant and mild during this month, which makes visiting Seville in April ideal for exploring the streets and getting to know the city and what this province has to offer.

The temperature varies between 22ºC (71.6ºF) and 25ºC (77ºF). The temperatures can reach 8ºC (46.4ºF) at night or in the morning, although the minimum temperature averages 11ºC (51.8ºF).

Does it rain in April in Seville?

The month of April can be somewhat rainy in Seville although it is usually a mild rain and scarce that will not prevent you from enjoying the visit.

Recommended activities and events in Seville in April

During the month of April you will find great events in Seville, we will see the main activities during this month:

  • Holy Week in Seville
    This grand celebration will take place from 14 to 21 April in 2019.
  • April Fair in Seville
    This fair is a Festival of International Tourist Interest, so if you visit Seville in April you can’t miss it. It begins on the first or second Sunday after Easter and runs until the following Saturday.
  • Mairena del Alcor Fair
    One of the oldest fairs in the province of Seville from the first Thursday to the Sunday of the same week.

Visit Seville in May

During the month of May the temperature in Seville is pleasant; nothing to do with the high temperatures during the summer. It is an ideal month to walk the streets and visit monuments.

Graph with temperature during May in Seville

The temperature oscillates around 25ºC (77ºF), as the month progresses it can reach or even exceed 30ºC (86ºF). In the mornings before sunrise and at the beginning of the month it can drop to 10ºC (50ºF) . Once the first fortnight has passed, the minimum temperature averages the 15ºC (59ºF).

Does it rain during May in Seville?

May is not a particularly rainy month, but it is not uncommon for it to rain in Seville this month. On average we could say that it rains from 5 to 7 days.

The mild temperatures in Seville during May or April make it easy to explore on foot and enjoy the outdoors.

Activities and events in May in Seville

If you visit the Andalusian capital during the month of May you may want to visit some of the main events that take place during this month:

Crosses of May
This typical celebration is of special interest in certain towns of Seville. There is a big fair in Viso del Alcor, 26 kilometers from the capital.

May Fair in Viso del Alcor

Lebrija and Carmona also celebrate the May Crosses with ‘sevillanas‘ typical dancing and other events of interest to the visitor.

The May Crosses celebration is usually at the beginning of the month.

Recommended activities in Seville in April and May

If you are in Seville during the month of April or May you may want to take a boat ride on the Guadalquivir River. During this month, panoramic cruises are already available, as well as walks along the river.

The mild temperatures in Seville in May make it easy to discover the city on foot and enjoy the outdoors.

To get from Malaga to Seville there are several options, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Visit natural parks

If you like green spaces, I recommend to visit some of the parks that you can find almost anywhere in the province. For example, I can recommend the San Francísco Park or the Oromana Park in Alcala de Guadaira, natural spaces for the family that merge with the Guadaira River. They offer visitors a fresh and relaxing walk, dotted with the remains of a Moorish past.

If you are in the capital city of Seville, the Parque de Maria Luisa has many positive opinions, I wouldn’t miss it.

Parque María Luisa en Sevilla

The natural parks in Seville are a good starting point for another blog post that I will write later.

Strolling through the centre of Seville in April or May

Seville’s squares are perfect for hanging out and enjoying performances, events or the frequent fairs that take place.

Plaza Nueva, a place where you will find book and craft fairs during those months.

Plaza de España y Parlamento en Sevilla

Transfers from the airport

The large building presiding the Plaza de España is one of the great architectural projects of the 20th century. Although the idea of the building was to be part of the University of Seville, it was ultimately used as the headquarters of the Spanish sub-delegation of government. As a curiosity,  some popular films like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars: Episode 2 or The Dictator had some scenes filmed on this place.

The Plaza de la Encarnación offers a contrast between the modern and the old by the buildings that surround it, a perfect place to have a drink or dinner.

Visit monuments in Seville

The months of April and May are perfect for visiting some of the many monuments in Seville. We have a guide that will be expanded over time. For now I can recommend some that I think might catch your eye.

Torre del Oro in Seville

  • Alcazar de Sevilla: This monument has been declared a World Heritage Site. Its construction began during the Arab reign in 712. It was of great importance during the time of the discovery of America. I can recommend the gardens from the Alcazar.
  • Archivo de Indias: Built between 1583 and 1598 and with around 80 million original documents; where 3 centuries of history of a whole continent can be consulted.
  • Giralda: Built in 1184 under Arab rule and renovated under Catholic rule, a symbol of Seville.
  • Torre del Oro: Another symbol of Seville that was built by the last Almohad governor. Its purpose was defensive and it got its name from the golden coating it had or from the riches brought from America that were kept there.

How about visiting Seville in April or May? Would you recommend it?

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