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Malaga nightlife, and the summers at its beaches, are famous in all over the world, you can find at Malaga some beach pubs which opens during the whole day,at night there are people dancing on the sand, with music, drinks and all a night pub can offer. By the day a bar where drink or maybe eat; but this happen not only during the summer-season neither only at the beach, all the year through you will find an animated nightlife.

Málaga city center offers you the chance to stroll its inner-city streets full of people drinking and walking. You can find everything from traditional tapas bars to moderns nightclubs. Malagans use to buy their drinks in the supermarkets and have them at night at Merced Square (city center), before going to the clubs.

nightlife in malaga

Malaga center is quite moving, modern and classical merge in Marques de Larios, Plaza de la Constitution and Calle de Granada, which form the main shopping and nightlife area. The streets nearby are a maze filled with tapas bars and wineries, in addition to stores where you can buy wine included the sweet wine of the area. The weekend can be a lot of young people who go to bars and pubs to enjoy the Malaga nightlife. Malagan night people do not usually go out before midnight, sometimes not return home until sunrise, and exploit something for breakfast on the way. This contrast is due to the type of life that takes heart in Malaga, on the one hand, the busy port and industry, and secondly, Malaga is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Malaga nightlife takes place in several locations mostly affordable and reasonable prices compared to those of Puerto Banus, Puerto Marina and other places of the coast. The price of a drink in Malaga depending on the venue chosen can range from Euro 3.50 to Euro 6 in the most exclusive locations.

Below we analyze the main places where you can experience Malaga nighclubs:

This is a list of some of the nightclubs in Malaga- Costa del Sol, where you can see the name of the nightclub, address, city and a description of the nightclubs in Malaga - Costa del Sol. Be ready to enjoy nightlife in Malaga.


Live music and good atmosphere.


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Popular bar/disco with students, foreigners and tourists. Located in a large City house it spans 2 floors with an interesting balcony and 4 different types of music/dance floors. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays "happy hour" from 23:30 to 00.30 - Be

C/Beatas, 21

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Paka Paya

Disco/Bar with lively atmosphere in Malaga centre.

Calle Juan de Padilla, 16Más información

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In the city centre, enjoy the best atmosphere and the best music.

Plaza de Uncibay, 8Más información

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