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Malaga Airport is located 8 km from Malaga city on the Costa del Sol. This airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain regarding passenger volume and registered in 2014 a total of 13.749.134 passengers. The airport serves a large number of national and international destinations, Malaga airport has daily flights to over 20 cities in Spain and more than 60 European capitals, as well as some destinations on the African Continent. Malaga airport remains one of the favorite destinations of tourists from northern Europe, especially from Great Britain and Germany.

Malaga airport in 2010 incorporates new facilities, continue reading to know more about them and find out the most recommended services at the airport.

Malaga airport history

Malaga airport picture from 1948In 1919 the engineer and businessman in French aviation, Pierre Latécoère, flew for the first time over Malaga while looking for a proper landing place. His purpose was finding locations for different airfields to establish an airline connecting France with its colonies via Spain. In the same year and after countless test flights, the first scheduled air service begun on the 1st of September linking Malaga with Barcelona, Alicante, Toulouse, Tanger and Casablanca.

In 1937 Malaga airport developed to an air base and in 1946 it was classified as an airport of entry which opened the doors for national and international air traffic. Just two years later it was inaugurated as commercial airport.

After 12 years some extensive modernisation works began, including an enlargement of the runway, a new parallel running taxiway, the creation of a terminal zone in the center of the airport ground with tower, power station, parking spaces for airplanes and the passenger terminal.

Old picture from Malaga airportThe new terminal was inaugurated in 1968 with transferring there all national and international flights. But due to the increasing air traffic a new amplification was already necessary in 1972. Nevertheless it wasn’t enough and in the 90’started the construction of the new terminal Pablo Ruiz Picasso, designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill.

The increasing traffic made the construction of a car park very necessary which was opened in 1995 and is connected to the terminal by a tunnel. In the same year, while altering the old passenger building a new aircraft hanger for maintenance and a new cargo terminal were built.

In 2002 the new state-of-the-art control tower was inaugurated.

Although many investments and improvements have been made over the last decade, the demands for a modernization of the airport were increasing. For this reason “Plan Málaga” will provide 900 million Euro until 2010, of which 330 are earmarked for the airport.

Malaga airport T3Malaga airport comes in forth in Spain regarding importance, handling 75 % of the passengers in Andalucia. An airport with such features and a steady growth needs a good infrastructure.

The building activities are aimed to maximum protection of the environment, the soils, the water quality and the atmosphere. Special precautions have been taken because of the closeness to the river Guadalhorce.

Flights to Malaga

Many airlines offer cheap flights to Malaga from any spot in Spain, Europe and the world. Often very attractive offers can be find for everybody wanting to visit The Costa del Sol.

Train station at Malaga airportThe Malaga airport counts with an excellent infrastructure and all necessary facilities to make the arrival as easy as possible. There are different options of transport, as you can rent a car at Malaga airport (normally the car rentals pick you up right at the airport when providing your flight number) or you can take the train or bus, whose stops are very close to the terminal. The access roads to the airport are magnificent and at present, in march 2009, improvement works are making them even better.

Local transport

Directions from Malaga airport

Airport services


T1 arrivals hall is used for flights coming from Ceuta and Melilla, in T2 arrivals hall you can find a shopping area where you can find, among other services, bank, shop press and books and a cafeteria. Continue reading for more information about Malaga airport arrivals; the new terminal T3 at Malaga airport is located just beside T2; taxis, shuttles and buses are located at arrivals hall and departures is located in the upper floor getting and is being used as main Check-in Terminal.

Malaga airport contact

Malaga airport address
Malaga airport
Avda. García Morato
29004 Málaga

Malaga airport telephone number
Telephone: 902 404 704

Malaga Airport codes:

Official website

Malaga airport - Contact official website from in english

Malaga airport pictures

Airport rental car direction - March 31, 2014 Malaga airport entrance by car - March 31, 2014 Flight arrival - March 31, 2014

Live weather

Malaga airport current weather

This is a report for Malaga / Aeropuerto, Spain. The report was made 26 minutes ago, at 18:30 UTC. The wind was blowing at a speed of 4.6 meters per second (10.4 miles per hour) from north/northeast (030°), varying between north (360°) and east/northeast (060°). The temperature was 28 °C (82 °F), with a dew-point at 17 °C (63 °F). The temperature felt like 28 °C (83 °F). The atmospheric pressure was 1011 hPa (29.85 inHg). The relative humidity was 51.3%. There were no clouds below 1500 meter (5000 feet) and no cumulonimbus clouds. The overall visibility was greater than 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

Malaga airport tips

Malaga airport importance has been growing since it was classified as an airport of entry in 1946, opening the doors to national and international traffic. Check out the airport Forum or the menu on the top right for extended information.

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