Free WIFI in Fuengirola – Internet for free in public areas

Can we get free WIFI in Malaga? Fuengirola offers citizens and visitors the opportunity to enjoy free WI-FI connection in several public areas of the city. Seems like they will be adding more areas over time.


Users can use the Internet, completely free in the following areas: Plaza de España,Old Town Hall Square,Plaza San Rafael,Calle Moreno Carbonero,Calle Anabel Conde,Square at Moreno Carbonero street,Los Naranjos Park, Park del Sol and finally the Tourism Office; the last two spots don’t require your registration.

Another option is using the free wifi from any of the three public libraries.

I think this is indeed a great service for those tourists who might need to check a map while strolling the city.


How to get free WIFI in Fuengirola

For getting free WIFI in Fuengirola you have to register and the process is pretty simple and is available in two languages: Spanish and English.

Select the WIFI spot ‘Red_publica_Ayto_Fuengirola’ and fill the form. It will ask your name, email, password and ID if it is your first time. You will have to input only your password and ID in further connections.

You will also have to accept the terms and conditions including fair use responsibilities. Browsing is limited and you will not be able to visit adult websites or download any file.

If you do not register you will be able only to browse and

After registering you will have free WIFI for 24 hours. This municipal service will make you able to connect to Internet for free from any device using the available spots.

Transfers from the airport

In addition there will be more Free WIFI Zones coming soon.

Where are the FREE WIFI zones?

You will be able to find a WIFI spot at the following locations in Fuengirola:

Plaza de España, Parque de España, Plaza de los Reyes Católicos, Parque del Sol, Parque de Los Naranjos, Plaza Anabel Conde, Plaza de la calle Moreno Carbonero, Plaza de San Rafael.

Tourism office also has a free WIFI spot without restrictions and where you don’t have to sign up for using it.

Free Wifi Map

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