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You are planning your holidays in Spain and you are interested in knowing more about the local currency and money? Then you might find useful our money and currency guide for Spain, where you can find valuable information.

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Currency converter

Currency in Spain

Being part of the EU, Spain is using since 2002 the Euro, as do so for instance the countries direct neighbors France and Portugal. The great advantage of having a universal currency across Europe is that travelers don´t have to change currency any more when travelling between countries. For this reason, there are less exchange offices in Spain, but nevertheless it is no problem to exchange your local currency into Euros.

Currency exchange in Malaga

The majority of the Malaga tourist resorts are very aware of the fact that many of their foreign visitors might come from countries that use different currencies and you will have normally no problem finding a place where exchanging your foreign currency or pounds to Euros.

Currency exchange offices in tourist resorts have the advantage of requiring little identification and filling out forms, which makes the procedure of exchanging your currency in Spain swift and easy. Moreover, these places tend to be open until late hours. The disadvantage of these offices lies in a slightly higher exchange commission.

Currency exchange at banks in Malaga

Generally, banks are the best option for exchanging your currency as the offer good currency exchange rates. Another plus is that there are banks in any location in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. The inconvenience of using a Bank for exchanging your currency is that you will have to identify yourself and fill in some forms. In Malaga and the Costa del Sol employers use to speak english perfectly so the communication will not supose a problem.

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