All you need to know about Malaga Fair fireworks

As every year the Malaga Fair begins in August with fireworks. This is a show visible from all the Costa del Sol where there is direct line of sight and it will happen in August 14th in 2019 at midnight. Do you know the best places to watch the Malaga fair fireworks?

The new pyrotechnic system will use the latest technological advances to play with augmented reality.

I have read, the launch of fireworks will take place over approximately 13 minutes. In the sky of Malaga there will be multitude of figures made of the fireworks in a colourful show that will end with a thunderous pyrotechnic end.

The aim is to create a modern and exclusive fireworks and music show. Past year a new pyrotechnic system played with augmented reality thanks to the latest technological advances. What can we expect this year?

The place from which the fireworks will be seen is Malagueta beach.

Those who prefer to stay at home can watch the show on television on Canal Malaga from 11:30 pm.


Best places to see the pyrotechnic show in Malaga

Fireworks can be seen from almost anywhere on the Costa del Sol with direct line of sight. There are different locations for those looking for something more special or for taking good photos of this event.

Those who prefer to stay at home can watch the show on television on Canal Malaga from 11:30 pm.

Many enjoy this show along the beaches of the Costa del Sol, even from a distance.

Watching the fireworks from a boat

A different and special place for watching the Fair fireworks is from a boat. Some offer a tour with a glass of wine and music included.

Malaga fair fireworks

You can book online from:

From Malaga port

If you don’t mind standing and being surrounded by people you can go to Malaga port. It is one of the best places for watching the fireworks.


From Gibralfaro viewpoint

This is one of the most popular locations for watching the fireworks, so you can expect many people around. You should go early for taking a place.

It is not too close distance but there is a clear view.


La Coracha

It is closer than Gibralfaro viewpoint to the place where fireworks are launched. The distance is close enough to even hear the music from the event.


Beach of Malagueta

This is one of the most popular places where enjoying the fireworks. There will also be a live concert from 12:20 am onwards and a lot of people.

Teenagers use to choose this place as the starting point of the Fair week.


Beach of Misericordia

Although not as close as Malagueta beach, there is a direct sight line of the fireworks.

If you do not mind being somewhat further away this is an interesting place where watching the show.


Beach promenade

If choosing the promenade you should be close to Malaga port. It is also a good place for taking good photos of the fireworks and one of the popular places so you can expect many people joining.


Transfers from the airport

La Farola lighthouse

If you want to include in your photos the lighthouse of Malaga you should consider this place. It is just as close as the port of Malaga to enjoy the show.



If you want to know more you can visit our page about Malaga Fair or the Fair program.

Do you know of a special place where enjoying the fireworks? Many enjoy this show along the beaches of the Costa del Sol, even from a distance.

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