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Nude beaches in Malaga

The 160 kilometres of the Costa del Sol in Malaga currently offer six nudist beaches that we are going to describe below. Specifically, there are four nudist beaches on the western Costa del Sol and two nudist beaches on the eastern Costa del Sol.

If you want to practice more than topless (common practice on beaches in Malaga) then continue reading our list of naturist beaches:Nude beaches

Guadalmar beach in Malaga

The naturist beach of Malaga city, Guadalmar beach is situated at the mouth of the river Guadalhorce, in the district of San Julian, next to Torremolinos. The author personally does not know this beach, but we haven´t received the best references, as there is a mixed environment, plus it seems the beach is not very looked after. Thus we list it as one of the nudist beaches of Malaga, but not as one of the most recommended.

Benalnatura in Benalmadena

In Benalmadena is situated Benalnatura, a little gem hidden among trees and palms. A nudist association is responsible for cleaning and the good functioning of the beach; there is also a beach bar, showers, toilets and a barbecue area. This purely nudist beach is very popular among locals and visitors for the usually good atmosphere. Unfortunately, the cove is very small and because of its popularity it is usually very crowded.

Costa Natura, Estepona

In the municipality of Estepona, on the westernmost part of the Costa del Sol, is located Costa Natura, which at the time of inauguration in 1979 was the first naturist resort in Spain. This area reserved for naturists has apartments with direct access to the nudist beach about 400 m long with sand and gravel. The beach is usually frequented by a large number of foreign tourists who have quite integrated the culture of nudism as a lifestyle and there are families and people of all ages in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The beach maintains a fairly virgin environment and there is none of the usual beach facilities.

Artola beach in Cabopino, Marbella

In Marbella, nudist fans have Artola beach in Cabopino, a wide beach surrounded by dunes and pine; the entire beach is about 1,200 metres long, of which only a portion is reserved for naturism, while another part is "textile", and thus there is a mixed environment. In the nudist area there are no facilities, while in the “textile” area there are all kinds of restaurants, showers and common facilities of the city beaches.

Playamarina in Mijas

In Mijas you can find the Nude beach of Playamarina, located between El Faro and Cala de Mijas, close to Los Amigos beach club and El Chaparral golf club.

Almayate beach, Torre del Mar

In the eastern Costa del Sol there are by now two nudist beaches. In Torre del Mar is located Almayate beach, an extensive beach with a very low construction density. Personally we do not know this beach but we have received very good references of a friendly atmosphere with both Spanish and foreign naturist tourists. This beach also has a nudist beach bar, plus there is a naturist camp, Almanat, which is also offering bungalows.

Cala del Pino, Nerja

Another little gem is Cala del Pino in Maro, near Nerja, in the easternmost Costa del Sol. With difficult access and hidden among cliffs and gardens, this small and completely nudist and natural beach at the time was a secret that was passed from mouth to mouth and nowadays "suffers" great popularity; thus on peak days there is overcrowding of many people on a very small space, yet very beautiful.

Nudist vacations in Spain and the Costa del Sol

Those who prefer to spend their entire vacation as naked as the day they were born, now have two options on the Costa del Sol. In the western Costa del Sol is Costa Natura in Estepona, where you can rent apartments within a nudist residential area; and in Torre del Mar on the eastern Costa del Sol is situated the nudist camping site Almanat offering Bungalows near the beach.

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