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Gibraltar airport information

Gibraltar Airport is located on the isthmus which joins the Rock with La Linea de la Concepcion; this territory is controlled by the United Kingdom, but its sovereignty is disputed as it was built illegally on Spanish territory. Gibraltar Airport (GIB) is situated on the very southernmost end of the Costa del Sol, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and only a few kilometres from the North African coast. Thus, Gibraltar Airport offers an additional option for people visiting the Costa del Sol, especially if you are staying west of Estepona. It is about 20 minutes from Sotogrande, 30 minutes from Estepona and 45 minutes from Marbella. In the other direction Gibraltar Airport is about an hour from Jerez.

Gibraltar airport history

Gibraltar airport was built during World War II and opened in 1949 but only was used as an emergency basis for the British Army. It was not until December 2, 1987 when the Gibraltar airport was allowed to use civil transport through an agreement between British and Spanish governments.

The length of the runway of the airport is of 1,829 metres. The funny thing is that all vehicle and pedestrian traffic to the town has to cross the runway, so when a plane is about to land or take off, traffic gets completely stopped in order to cause no problems. A new agreement was signed in Cordoba between the two countries and the authorities in Gibraltar in 2006 for ending restrictions on civil use of the airport, with flights also to and from Spain; the first airplane to land in Gibraltar was Iberia from Madrid - Barajas Airport on 16th of December 2006. Since May 2007 British Airways, through its franchise partner GB Airways flies daily to both cities (Madrid - Gibraltar), but these flights were not popular.

Gibraltar airport

The Gibraltar Government announced it would build a new passenger terminal as part of the agreements of the Forum of Dialogue on Gibraltar. The essence of the agreement is to build a terminal which connects with an extension to the Spanish territory.

Flights to Gibraltar

At present are available daily scheduled services to and from the United Kingdom operated by British Airways, Monarch Airlines and Easyjet. The company Air Andalus offers a service to Spain.

Gibraltar airport services

Gibraltar airport boosts an open air roof terrace with a Café from where you can overlook the planes.

Local transport

If you are looking for transport from and to Gibraltar airport, take in consideration the tips below:

Gibraltar airport weather

Gibraltar airport current weather This is a report for Gibraltar, Gibraltar. The report was made 21 minutes ago, at 01:20 UTC. The wind was blowing at a speed of 4.1 meters per second (9.2 miles per hour) from southwest (220°). The temperature was 16 °C (61 °F), with a dew-point at 12 °C (54 °F). The atmospheric pressure was 1025 hPa (30.27 inHg). The relative humidity was 77.1%. The overall visibility was greater than 10 kilometers (6.2 miles).

Gibraltar airport arrivals and departures

Check below a video with a plane taking off Gibraltar airport.

The length of the runway of the airport is of 1,829 m in length. The funny thing is that the track crosses the road in the town, so when a plane is about to land completely stop traffic so no problems.

This is the nearest international airport in the city and only at a distance of 500 meters from the town of Gibraltar and 450 meters from La Linea de la Concepcion. In that sense, Gibraltar is unique in having an international airport a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.

In 2009 the passenger affluence was of 314,375 airport passengers.

Tourist tips

Gibraltar airport address: Winston Churchill Avenue

Gibraltar airport Phone number: +350(7)3026 Fax: +350(7)3925

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