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Torremolinos Ancient History

History of Torremolinos dates back to ancient times. Discover the magic of its past which lies hidden under its streets and buildings.



Though there have been found shaped pieces dating back 150.000 years, still the most meaningful historical proofs are nine human skulls and some items like jars, arrows and ornaments found during archaeological excavations in the now disappeared caves Cuevas del Tesoro, Cueva de los Tejones, Cueva del Encanto and the surrounding of today's Castillo de Santa Clara. Alliterations of the latter unfortunately buried the whole site.

Detailed studies date the finds back to neolithic times about 5.000 years B. C. This era is known by farming, cattle breeding, wool weaving, making pottery and hunting tools. All these characteristics fit perfectly with the found artifacts.

Records of the Greek astronomer Ptolomeo (200 B.C.) situate the Phoenician city Saduce on the right river banks of the Guadalhorce, at today's Parador del Golf. Though it had great influence in the Mediterranean almost no remains of its existence are left. In contrast in Vélez-Málaga and Alora whole quarters can still be seen, proofing the Phoenician extension over great parts of Andalusia.



Torre arabe TorremolinosTorremolinos was crossed by an old Roman road leading as far as Cadiz. On its way one could find many salted fish factories and villas. Out of the eleven known factories we are aware of one site close to the camp of Benítez, which remains can still be visited.

There have been found much more Roman remains and sarcophagi but unfortunately their importance was totally ignored during the big building boom. They buried them and erected buildings on top, consequently losing parts of Torremolinos´ history for ever.

In the 90s a small Roman necropolis was found close to Cantabria square, holding inside some human bodies. On basis of the burial objects, its age was estimated at 2,000 years proofing the existence of a nearby settlement around this time.



The well known defence tower "Torre de los Molinos" was built around 1300 by the Muslim Nazari Dynasty which governed Malaga between the 13th and 15th centuries. Its 12 m high, made of adobe consists of two levels with windows watching the sea. Today the tower´s inside is in ruins and its facade close to collapse.

Finding the tower may be a little complicated, if you are not sure what exactly to look for, but for everybody wanting to visit it, just follow the street San Miguel in the center of Torremolinos heading to the south, and finally at its end it´ll appear.

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