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what train station in torremolinos ?

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what train station in torremolinos ?

Post by jimbo47 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:40 pm

Any help would be welcome in helping me get to aguamarina apps. looked on google and cant see an easy route or even which station is best to get off at. I need the reception entrance which is lower than the rear which i,ve been told is higher up the hill?? i think there are two stops but not sure, any help or info would be really handy thanks jim (crossing my fingers)

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Re: what train station in torremolinos ?

Post by Raul » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:21 am

Hello and welcome!
Coming from Malaga airport you must stop at Torremolinos centro, which is the stop just after "La Colina". From there take the San Miguel street and walk down the street, heading to the beach...

As far as I remember the train stops are in this order:
Malaga airport - Plaza Mayor - Los Alamos - La Colina - Torremolinos centre - Montemar - El Pinillo

San Miguel street is the most popular street in Torremolinos, and it is next to the train station, so you will have to ask first for that street and later for "Bajondillo"...looks like in the map that Aguamarina apartments are not far from there.

Take a look at the map I made with the path to follow:

You can check also our page about commuter trains in Malaga.
Let me know if it is clear :)

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