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Transfer from Malaga to Gibraltar

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Transfer from Malaga to Gibraltar

Post by Laila » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:56 pm

We have been travelling with a group of friends to Malaga and decided to take a transfer from Malaga airport to Gibraltar for a day trip and some shopping. As it was going to be our first experience on southern Spanish roads, we were not quite sure about driving our selves. The car hire company we used has English speaking drivers and the transport was extremely efficient. The transfers generally bring you to the border in the location of La Linea. From there you have to walk through customs. Right after customs is situated Gibraltar airport and the runway. Here are stationed Taxis and the city bus. It was a nice day out without having to worry about road maps, parking and driving back home tired after all that shopping!

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Re: Transfer from Malaga to Gibraltar

Post by Raul » Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:34 pm

Thanks for your opinion about your transfer to Gibraltar ;) . Maybe you could share some of your experiences in Gibraltar with us; I have never been there personally however know many people who did...but, I don´t recommend taking a bus for getting to Gibraltar, I did once for going to Cadiz and the experience was horrible, very uncomfortable. Rent a car in Malaga or use the Malaga airport transfers for a fast and comfortable trip :)

Anyone else can also share an experience for getting to Gibraltar?, I heared that the airport landing piste is in the middle of the access road to Gibraltar from La Linea, and sometimes you have to wait up to 30 minutes when a plane is arriving in a very long car queue. Any information about this?
Edited to add:
- Im working on adding some tourist information about Gibraltar.
- How to get from Malaga to Gibraltar.
Anyone is welcome to contact me using pm or this forum to help :D

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Re: Transfer from Malaga to Gibraltar

Post by ana » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:20 pm

Hey there! I once had a boyfriend in Gibraltar :D , so I was doing very regular travelling from Malaga to Gibraltar. Of course, this is a completely subjective opinion, but everything which has to do with travelling to Gibraltar with public transport, crossing the border with a car or travelling around the city in busses can be very close to absolutely unnerving. If you are interested, I´ll explain in more detail.
The busses running from Malaga to La Linea, the border town next to Gibraltar, take three hours for 129 km, as they stop in each and every resort along the Costa del Sol (Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, Marbella, San Pedro and Estepona). The busses themselves are quite uncomfortable and when they are full, you can despair. Sometimes the air-con is not working or blowing like hell and when you finally reach your destination in La Linea, you stumble out of the bus whacked. But…the Rock is close and so you feel renovated energies and there are just a few strides to cross the border (about 500 metres).
If you cross the border walking, there is no problem; you just pass through the customs. On the Gibraltarian side it can actually happen that you get stuck: There is only one road into the city and this actually crosses the runway; so and especially in summer, there are frequent landings and takings off and the traffic is completely interrupted until the runway is cleared.
Talking about getting stuck, this can as well happen when you cross the border with your car. The queues in both directions of the border can be endless, again, especially in summer and during peak hours. As a general recommendation, it is more advisable to park in La Linea, cross the border walking and take from there a bus or a taxi into town. If you insist in crossing the border in your own vehicle and you´re stuck in the queue, one word of warning: don´t even think about jumping the queue. Many locals working in Gibraltar do this procedure on a daily basis and they are quite fed up of people trying to smart them out; nearly everybody has the phone number of the Guardia Civil (Spanish road police), who will quickly note down the registration number of your car and once you reached the border, they won´t let you pass and you will have to queue up again!

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